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One of the main reasons that made me obsessed with reading blogs was the endless inspiration that I got from different people all around the world. When the blogging community was at its early beginning, you could easily sense the individuality of each and every blog out there since there were no rules or older blogs to rely on or get back to. Each blogger drew his own path and wrote about what he was passionate about and what he though was important to him. And it really showed!! When you can feel that you are getting inspired by a certain blog, you make sure to come back and visit for another doze of inspiration.

That was before. These days, as I am scrolling down my Bloglovin feed, I feel less and less encouraged to click on the different links, since they seem the same to me. Like all of the sudden, there is a blogging template that was distributed to all the bloggers with what to wear and what to write about instructions attached.

The main essence of blogging is lost to me and I feel sad for all the blogs that have lost their way, by simply copying each other. I want to feel the individuality and the soul of each blogger, because that is simple what makes me attached to the blog and makes me want to come back over and over again.

When I thought all the hope was gone, I stumbled upon 2 blogs that made me believe in blogging again. These two ladies are a perfect example of what true blogging is about, so I am more than happy to share them with you. Maybe some of you are familiar with their blogs, but if you are not, I am positive you will be hooked.


This Lifestyle Blog, written by Kellie Van, is one of the best blogs I have ever stumbled upon (and I have read a lot of blogs). She is a mother of 2 and a Creative Director by profession, and that makes her blog even more appealing. Although she has a lot of daily responsibilities, she manages to prepare amazing content that inspires me to do more in my life and achieve larger goals. From her amazing photos to her clear writing, Le Zoe Musings is my destination for when I am looking for new ideas and a fresh read.

Here are a couple of my favorite posts from the blog:
citrus-coconut-soda_le-zoe-musings_banner clipboard-makeover-by-kellie-van-of-le-zoe-musings-2 solo-time_le-zoe-musings_banner


When all the fashion bloggers are encouraging you to yet again buy the “MUST_HAVE” for this season, Caroline from is showing you a more minimalistic approach to fashion and style. Every 3 months, she creates a capsule collection that she blogs about everyday on her blog. She creates real and “Un-Fancy” outfits that are stylish and versatile without robbing a bank. She teaches you how to love the pieces you have and how to make sure your wardrobe is in a constant rotation so that you wouldn’t be stuck with the same pieces that you wear over and over again. Amazing blog and amazing content worth checking out.
yayspring-314 yayspring-326 yayspring-333

Hope you found this post inspirational and please share in the comments below, some of your favorite bloggers.


4 thoughts on “Share the Love :: Bloggers That Inspire Me

  1. i’ve been thinking about writing a share the love post for a while! Your posts are always fun and i always enjoy reading them, and else you have this thing that always makes me want to write whenever i read your posts.
    Have a good friday.

    Vaneliassa xo.

  2. Omg!! Thank you so much for this. It really touched my heart. I’m so inspired that you are inspired with my blog, Le Zoe Musings! Have a wonderful day. Best, Kellie

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