Structured Love


I have been noticing a lot that with every year I am finding my fashion sense more and more. Long gone are the days that I used to buy all the “TRENDY” pieces from the store without even considering the simple possibility of them not reflecting me or my style. This blog has given me the opportunity to discover myself and build my current style, which I am so happy I have finally found. Although, I am still a work in progress, I can see that the clothes I buy now reflect me and my current mental state, and that is the most important thing; building a wardrobe that is a part of you.

The outfit I am wearing is a perfect example of my current style, Simple, Casual and Structured. I am loving clean cuts and monochromatic looks paired with casual sneakers. My love for simple jewelry is being shown more and more, because I see myself being drawn to small and dainty jewelry instead of the Statement pieces that I usually liked. I guess it is just a phase I am going through, and I’ll be back to my prints pretty soon, but for now I simply enjoy the Simplicity of my outfits.



What I Wore:

Shirt: ZARA TRF | Jeans: Topshop Leigh Jeans | Shoes: Superga Platforms | Leather Jacket: Morgan (GS Stores) | Necklace: Topshop | Sunglasses: ZARA | Ring: ZARA | Bag: Charles&Keith | Hat: H&M


Location: Construction Site, JBEIL

Photos c/o BetKet Photography




12 thoughts on “Structured Love

  1. totes agree! I also feel the same.
    I used to buy a lot of trendy clothes, hoarding there and everywhere and too late to realized that…. they’re not my style, and it breaks my heart see-ing them untagged and only piling up in my closet.

    Blogging helped me find and developed my personal style.

    I enjoyed your post, keep it up!

    April of:
    IG: @beybiapril

  2. I always feel like you can never go wrong with a white shirt. Incredibly versatile. Though your outfit is simple, it’s easily pulled off while being really nice. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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