Louis Vuitton JOSEPHINE Wallet Review

It has become a habit of mine to actually study the bags that I own and make up my mind on whether they were a good purchase or not, and to pinpoint the negative and positive things about it. I think it’s a good way of understanding your wants and needs to insure that the next purchase would be much more successful than the previous one.

Although I mainly do bag reviews on my blog (you can see my previous reviews here, here & here), this time I am reviewing a wallet. The star of this post is the LV JOSEPHINE Wallet that I have received as a gift this Christmas. When I think about buying a high-end bag, I try to do a very thorough investigation about everything regarding this bag. From reading reviews to watching videos until I am 100% sure of the quality that I am going to receive, thus making the CONS after use a lot less. But, since this Bag was a gift, I had no idea what to expect other than it being of very high quality piece.

When I usually do these kind of posts, I try to make a list of PROs and CONs, but with this wallet I am going a different direction since the CONS are so much less that the PROS. I am just going to list my remarks regarding this wallet, so if you were thinking of treating yourself to one of these, this post is for you.




Since the wallet is from a high-end brand, my expectations were pretty high, too, but it actually surpassed my expectations.

1. The wallet comes beautifully packaged in a hard-box with a funky ribbon, and the LV tag. Inside the box it was wrapped in the dust bag that is perfect for keeping your wallet safe if stored (but I am going to use it daily, and don’t think will store until it dies :P)

2. Since my wallet comes in the classic Monogram, I paid a lot of attention to the finishing of the design and let me tell you that it is as impeccable as they say. Both the sides are 100% identical and centered.

3. The leather is pebbled, thus allowing it to be sturdy and will definitely last you for a long time.

4. The Josephine wallet is known for the colorful interiors, which is a very modern touch to the otherwise all-monogram models that they have.

5. The size of this wallet is perfect for most bags, since it is not to big or small. For the Lebanese people, the 100,000 LL and the 50,000 LL bill fits easily and you do not have to fold it in half, like some wallets make you to.

6. It has a small zipped pouch that is perfect for when you are using a smaller bag or an evening clutch, you can take it instead of the whole wallet.

7. This wallet is perfect for the neat Freaks like me that need a lot of compartments for all the different things that I shove inside my wallet. (YES, old movies’ tickets are an everyday essential :P)

8. It has 4 compartments for Bank Cards, which is perfect for me, but could be a huge problem for others. So, if you are a person who has more than 8 cards, I think this wallet isn’t the choice for you.

9. One of my only CONS about this wallet is the price tag. The JOSEPHONE wallet is their cheapest model and is still above the 500$ mark, although it is of amazing quality and I am more than happy to have it in my life, it is not an option for everyone.

All in all, I want to say that this wallet is of superb quality and I know that it’s going to stay in my life for a long time, and I may even gift it to my daughter someday and that’s the beauty of the high-end bags, they become a part of your history.




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