Legs-1As the temperature keeps rising up, our legs come out to play more and more. During these days we tend to toss away our favorite pair of jeans that we were so devoted to during the colder weather and get those pair of shorts out to shine. Since our legs haven’t seen the proper sun for almost 9 months, we tend to be a little timid to show them to the world again.

I used to have the same fears until I have established the perfect routine that would I make my legs perfect for the Dress weather in minimum amount of time. All you have to do is to get down to the basics of moisturizing and scrubbing for achieving smooth and healthy legs.

Here are my Steps for getting Summer Ready.


1. Prepping the Legs before Shaving or Waxing. It doesn’t matter here whether you use a RAZOR or an Epilator or a Waxing Kit, you have to remember to prep your legs before removing all the hairs. And this preparatory step is all about the SCRUB. You have to clean your skin from all the nastiness and the dead cells to achieve the best results. I love using the LUSH BUFFY body butter and scrub before shaving my legs, since not only does it rejuvenate my skin, it hydrates them deeply as well.


2. Removing the Hair. I am going to discuss in this step the usage of a RAZOR only, so if you use anything else, you can skip this step. If you are a Razor lover like me, you should know that it is all about the quality of the razor and the shaving cream you use. I tend to use a Venus Razor, since I find it gives the smoothest shave and it is  the easiest to use. As for the shaving cream, I have really struggled in finding  a shaving cream, that is moisturizing enough and that allows the razor to glide smoothly on the skin. The D’FLUFF shaving cream is a perfect solution for people who have very sensitive skin and get the razor burns from time to time. In addition to it being amazing on your skin, it smells of Strawberry and it is pink, what more can you ask for.


3. Taking Care of the Feet. One of the main things that people tend to forget when prepping their legs for Summer is the Feet. Beautiful feet that are well moisturized and properly scrubbed make a lot of difference especially when wearing sandals and flip-flops. The VOLCANO mask from LUSH is a total foot savior and a product I actually swear by.

4. Moisturizing. DRY skin isn’t healthy nor beautiful, so try to apply a rich moisturizer every time you get out of the shower, to achieve your perfect legs.


Since I loved all of these products so much, I have decided, with the help of the LUSH Lebanon team, to have an amazing competition in the spirit of the SUMMER Season and make sure that some of my readers could enjoy them, too.

All you have to do is SHARE a photo on your instagram showing your Summer Legs or your Feet, in whatever summer location or destination you are, using a HASHTAG #PerfectLegsWithLush . Don’t forget to tag me (@playingwithfashion) and LUSH Lebanon  (@lushlebanon) to enter the draw. 


You will have 1 week to participate starting today ( May 19th). The competition will end on the night of May 26th and the winners would be announced the next day on the blog. 

We would be selecting 5 Lucky Winners, who would get a gift bag from LUSH. There’s going to be one main winner and 4 smaller ones. So, keep these photos flowing.

P.S. Multiple entry for the same person is allowed ❤ 



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