How To Cure Brittle and Weak Nails

This is one exciting post for me to write, since I cannot wait but share my latest obsession that simply changed my life. I have been struggling with chipped and unhealthy nails for a very long time, always thinking that is simply due to me always wearing nailpolish and not letting my nails go bare. But after going for almost a month without any nailpolish, I came to the realization that it came down to my nails being weak and brittle from the lack of nutrients on a daily basis.

After consulting my dermatologist, he suggested I simply take supplements that would give my nails their strengthback. At first, I went for the most typical supplements that I have found at the drugstore, NUTRICAP, and I have used them for about 3 months, but didn’t get any tremendous effects as I may have expected. So, I have decided to try something else, and stumbled upon the PHYTO supplements pack at the drugstore and thought I’ll give them a go and after only using them for 1 month, I can see amazing results with both my nails and hair.

But, I cannot give all the credit to the supplements, since I think one more thing added to the success; SAMOA FIX ME UP NAIL REVITALIZER. This is a type of a BASE COAT that could be used alone or under your typical nailpolish that strengthens weak and brittle nails and make them look and be healthy at the same moment.

_MG_8325 Could be found in most pharmacies in Lebanon and in C&F — 16,000 LL

_MG_8328 _MG_8327


Could be found in most pharmacies in Lebanon — 50,000 LL ( or maybe less, I cannot remember now)


My nails have been at their best state in as long as I remember, and couldn’t but share this with you in the hopes that it would help some people, who are suffering from what I used to suffer from.





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