Waiting For Something …


Bus-Wait-2 Bus-Wait-3 Bus-Wait-4 Bus-Wait-5 Bus-Wait-6 Bus-Wait-7 Bus-Wait-8


What I Wore:

Shirt: Topshop | Skirt: Cotton On | Bag: ZARA | BowTie: Mrs.BowTie* (found in Virgin Megastore) | Flats: Topshop last season| Watch: Daniel Wellington Watches

Photos+Editing: K-Frame Creative Agency 


This is one of these posts, where I am showing you an outfit of the day and talking about something completely different. I know it’s bad, but I cannot seem to bring my thoughts together ad write something creative about what I am wearing. All that I’ve got is that; one, I like polka dots and two, I still can’t believe I have been rocking this skirt from COTTON ON for the 3rd Summer in a row, and it only cost me 21,000 LL . Now that’s what I call a bargain shopping expertise. Although, I have to say that I need to buy another one, because I don’t think it would still be in perfect shape for the next year.

Have you ever had that one piece in your wardrobe that somehow stays from one clean to the other??



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