Review PROVOC Lip liners

Sequence 01.Still009

One of the most exciting discoveries, in the beauty world, this year was the PROVOC Lip liners that simply changed the way I look at lining my lips before applying any lipstick. Before trying these, I used to be very skeptical about any other lip liners, since they do not have the color payoff I expect them to give. Although, I have been using them for more than 3 months now, I wanted to be pretty sure before giving my final verdict. Without too much blabbing about how good they are in every single way possible, here are the usual pros and cons.


  • Could be easily found in any C&F store in Lebanon. I usually visit the one in Spinneys Hazmieh.
  • Has an amazing price of 6,000 LL (4$)
  • Spot on pigmentation.
  • Applies very smoothly and easily
  • Doesn’t leave your lips DRY
  • Come in an array of colors from Nude to Bright Red
  • Can be worn as a regular matte lipstick


  • The only downside of these Lip Liners is that they need to be sharpened, so if you want to carry them in your makeup bag, a sharpener is a must.

And as always here are the swatches to the shades I have, from the lightest to the darkest.

Sequence 01.Still002

The perfect Brown-y Nude “Cinnamon & Sugar #29”

Sequence 01.Still004

The most wearable pink ” Irresistible #18 “

Sequence 01.Still005

The most flattering red ” Sealed with a Kiss #21″

This shade of red is one of the perfect and most flattering REDs I have ever tried. It is not too orang-y and not too red, it is simply the perfect combination of both.


For more details on these lipliners, you could catch my video:



Let me know if you have ver tried this brand before or even heard of it? Would love to hear your recommendations if you have any.



9 thoughts on “Review PROVOC Lip liners

  1. Will be trying these ones for sure!!!! I love the red and the pink!!
    Are they found in other places than C&F? I mean do they have a shop like MUFE or MAC? I’ve seen this brand back when I was in Dubai, but didn’t get it, I have no idea why!!

    You have this thing where you make us want to buy every single item you talk about!!

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