How To Pack LIGHT


_MG_9173I have been planning on writing this post from the beginning of Summer, but somehow my procrastination skills excelled themselves this time, and here I am am, in the middle of July trying to put this post together for some of you who haven’t been on their vacation yet. Hopefully, there are still some individuals out there who are still in the planning mode, or you can take notes for next year.

By no means I am a packing or travel expert, but over the years I have accumulated some tips that I follow religiously,which made the packing process seem like a piece of cake. I am not going to go into every little detail of how and why I pack a certain thing, because the post would simply end up being 10-page long, and it wouldn’t be fun for anyone to read.

Here are my tips for packing Light (just a hand luggage) for a week.

1.  The Right Luggage: One of the best tips I could give anyone, is finding the best luggage that suits your needs. I love luggages that have many compartments and open in the middle (giving enough space on both sides, as shown in the picture below). Plus I have learnt over the years, that 4 wheels is the must for me, and I cannot go with 2wheels (you can feel the difference once you try both). I think splurging on your suitcase is essential when you are always on a move, but when you only go on vacation once or twice a year, a good quality luggage with a decent price tag is what I would go for. I have this lovely Coral hand luggage from CARPISA* that is super sturdy and gorgeous at the same time (you have to stay fashionable 😀 ) and it costs under 200,000 LL. They also do all sorts of other bags, that could suit any taste out there, from very flashy to business appropriate, you can count on  Carpisa stores in City Center and City Mall. _MG_9160

2. Packing Your Clothes: I can admit that I could be an over-packer easily enough, but over the years, I got to the realisation that I much prefer buying something there if needed, then tagging along half of my wardrobe just “in-case” 😛 (because, you never know when you need to have 7 different dresses for a beach vacation). What stopped me from over-packing is simply PLANNING AHEAD. I start by making a list and actually planning outfits for each and every day, thus guaranteeing that I am well dressed for every single day. In addition, it is much more easier to play around your pieces when they Mix and Match, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to wear a certain piece if you forgot its other half. Once you picked out your wardrobe, now it’s time to pack it, and one of the most crucial things is to ROLL the pieces into the suitcase instead of folding each piece. Trust me on this one, you will magically have for space without compromising your sense of style.  _MG_9161

3. Pack The Essentials: This tip goes for everything in your bag. “No, you don’t need 2 different pair of Sandals, you can manage for one week with only one!!!” Be strict on yourself and pack just the right amount of essentials you might need. If you feel that you can live without it for one day, then its place is NOT in the luggage.

4. Beauty and Skincare: this part is really hard for me, since I do love my makeup and skincare bits, more than you can imagine. So, if you are not totally attached to your kits, this section would be a no brainer for you, but if you are anything like me, here are the things I cannot survive a week without.


I am pretty fussy about my hair, and cannot do with just the stuff provided by the hotel, so I either buy a travel set (this GIOVANNI set is beyond amazing) or depot my current shampoo and conditioner into travel size bottles (you can find them in H&M or forever21). You have to remember, that when you are travelling with only a hand luggage, you can only have 100 ml or less bottles in your suitcase to be permitted onboard. _MG_9164

Miniature sizes are my favorite and are perfect for travelling, here I have (from Left to Right): Clarins Face Sunscreen for the Face, spf 30 (a must-have for any tourist) + KERASTASE treatment for Dry&Damaged Hair (sun and salt aren’t your best friends, really) + Bath&Body Works Shower Gel + PIZBUN lip protection SPF 30   _MG_9166


Travel friendly Tresemme hairspray (optional, but I had a wedding to attend) + Moisturizer from AVON (cannot live without it) +BODYSHOP mini loofah + my Lenses Liquid and container (blind people problems).
_MG_9168Love KHIEL’S samples and always have them on hand once I travel + MINI Bioderma (the cutest thing ever ❤ ) + Cotton Pads + ADVIL (hangovers :p) + Hand Sanitizer + Perfume Samples (the best way to try out new scents and not carry your glass bottle with you).


I had a travel makeup bag with me too, but I I had already posted something similar to it last year, so you can catch it here.


* this bag was given to me for consideration, by no means this is an AD. All thoughts stated in this post are my own.


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