Getting to know TWIN-SET


With my bestie, Aline from I am wearing a ZARA dress and platforms from Superga.

I am not a huge fan of writing about the events or the presentations that I usually attend, but when I get introduced to new brands that I truly like and think would be interesting to my readers, I am all for it.

Nowadays, you feel like some big high street shops are taking over people’s minds, and you see everyone wearing the same outfits for one simple reason that they keep shopping from the same places. Sadly,I fall under the same category as the mentioned above, because they are simply accessible stores, but you need uniqueness at the end and you can only find it when searching for new shopping stores that are not so widely popular in your country.


Love the romantic design of the place.

I was invited, last week, to the TWIN-SET ‘s F/W15 collection launch in ABC Ashrafieh and was totally surprised by how amazing their designs are. Their collection is an eclectic mix of the Romantic-BadAss-Classy woman, and carry a full range starting from Lacey tops to embellished denim. It is a true mirror to what a successful, powerful woman would need to cover both her daily style and her work appropriate outfits. One of the main things that caught my attention, were the lace details that could be found in all their designs, and since I am a sucker for everything that has lace in it, this style is totally made for me.11165046_1038262016192384_3048835712122450596_o

I loved the layering-lace concept so much, that I recreated Twin-Set’s signature look by layering a lace dress under the Zara dress I was already wearing with a long beige cardigan, for a very stylish Fall appropriate outfit. So, if you were going to pack your summer dresses away for the fall&winter season, try to find a way to layer them with our pieces to create new looks with the things you already have.


You can find more about Twin-Set through their Facebook page (link here) or by passing by their stores in ABC Ashrafieh.


P.S. just as a note, Twin-Set comes with a higher price tag than your average high-street stores, but believe me when I say that the quality is impeccable indeed. I am waiting for their sale season to get a couple of things I’ve got my eyes on. ❤


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