To HIKE or not to HIKE?


This isn’t going to be a post dedicated solely to fashion, where I would be talking about why I chose a certain outfit and what is trending this season, instead this is a post dedicated to finding inner peace and living the moment. I have always struggled with staying fit, and I know a lot of people would be thinking what struggles am I talking about since I am skinny, but being skinny isn’t being fit, it’s just my good metabolism. Over the years, I have tried everything from enrolling to gym, to TRX classes, to simply running, but I couldn’t stick to any routine for more that a couple of months. For me these exercises were too monotonous and didn’t get me excited for more. After years of struggle, I think I have found my type of exercise and it is HIKING. _MG_9666

There’s nothing more fulfilling than spending your day, admiring the nature around you and discovering new places that you once thought were out of your reach. When I was first invited to the Laklouk hiking trip, I knew it was something I would quite enjoy, but I didn’t know it would actually make me more relaxed and at ease than all the vacations I took this year. We spent 3 hours, climbing and walking through the hills of the Laklouk area, those 3 hours somehow felt like 10 mins and days long at the same time. Weird! I know, but once you are surrounded by nothing but nature, you forget all your problems you had at home and just breathe.

If you haven’t visited the Laklouk area, I would highly recommend it, and please share with me your suggestions for my next HIKE 😀 Enjoy the view. _MG_9737 copy_MG_9661_MG_9691_MG_9639 copy_MG_9740_MG_9746_MG_9794_MG_9745_MG_9821


What I Wore: HIKING

Top: ZARA (similar) | Shirt: MAX (similar) | Jeans: Topshop Leighs (similar) | Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren (similar)


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