Accessories Gift Guide for Every Budget


1. OVER 100$ : If you are willing to splurge on a gift for a special person in your life, a watch is one of the best accessories out there. It has become a part of everyone’s life, that is functional and that adds a touch of fashion at the same time. There are a lot of options out there in the market that would suit anyone’s taste, but my choice as always falls on the DW watches, because I simply think they are an amazing value for money. These watches come in so many  different designs, that you would definitely find the one for you. For all my readers, I have a special discount code “playingwithfashion” that would give you an instant 15% off your purchase. (the offer is valid till Jan 15) check their website _MG_0059

2. OVER 50$ : If you are considering a mid-range gift idea, local designers are the perfect way to go. You can easily find affordable designs that are unique and gorgeous at the same time. There are a lot of young designers in the Lebanese Market, but my heart always falls for Roula Dfouni’s designs. I have been a massive fan of her collection from the very beginning and she never fails to disappoint with her creativity and desgins. Her rings range from 60$ till 110$. You can shop through her website (link here)  _MG_0064

3. OVER 10$ : Accessories don’t have to be a very expensive gift, a lot of high-street shops carry amazing designs for very affordable prices. A necklace could be a perfect gift on its own or as a compliment to a bigger one. This season, accessories with marble are very in, and would be a perfect addition to any closet. I found this necklace in Pull&Bear in a set of 3 necklaces for an amazing price of 27,000 LL (around 20$).


Hope you enjoyed this post, and happy holiday shopping.


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