MAC Vino Dupe for less


MAC lipliners are all the rage these days, from their most famous nudes (Soar…) to their Best-Seller Burgundy colors (Vino…), we all want to collect them and have them in our makeup bags. But since in Lebanon, MAC prices are pretty high (around 47,000 LL for each lipliner) you become very selective to the ones you choose to purchase from them. I have been on a hunt to find reasonably-priced Dupes that wouldn’t damage your wallet and that would give you the same (or even better)results.

For the Winter season, Dark Red, Burgundy and Wine lip colors are a must, so I got the MAC lipliner in VINO to pair it with my favorite red lipsticks for a more matte and precise look. And I think it is an amazing lip-liner that gives a decent, all-over the lip coverage, but unfortunately as it happens with all MAC liners, they dry up my lips, not severely but still not comfortable enough to wear on a daily basis. So, I was on a hunt to find the perfect dupe, and I found it. IMG_1195(1)

The PROVOC lip-liner in Wine Stained is an almost match to the VINO shade, but so much better in both the application and the staying power. For  the price of 8,000 LL it is an amazing deal and would recommend it to everyone. Plus, since it has a very creamy texture, it could be easily worn without a lipstick on top. IMG_1196(1)




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