Hair Update :: Shades of Red

Going Red 1


Yes, I have gone Red …

It may come as a surprise to some of you, if you haven’t been following me on Social media, that I have changed my hair color again. This time I went to the only shade that I haven’t tried yet, which is RED. After being a blonde for almost a year know ( you can check the post of how I went Blonde, here), I felt that it doesn’t reflect my style anymore and I wanted a change.

At first, I was going to get back to my roots and back to the natural shade of my  hair, but then I thought we live once and I can get back to my color whenever I want. So, that’s how I went with Red, since it is a bit different and calm at the same time. The shade is not fixed yet, as I am deciding what shade of Orange – Red I want to end up with.

If you are interested, I can do a whole post about my hair journey, and what are my thoughts on hair coloring in general.

I want to thank my hairdresser JULIANO ASMAR for always doing the best job ❤


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