❤︎ LOVE is in the details ❤︎


With the beginning of February, people start forgetting the Christmas madness and focus on the other big celebration and obsession, that is the Valentine’s Day. During this time, people are usually divided into two different categories, the ones who are totally into this holiday and the others that simply wish this date never existed. I however consider myself not belonging to any of the above, since I treat this day as somewhere in between a celebration and a date night.

Before Sleiman, who is my husband if you haven’t known already, I have never properly celebrated Valentine’s Day and even considered myself a total anti-anything-heart-shaped person. But with him by my side, he showed me that this a day that is somehow special, not in the material and extravagant way, but in a more emotional and loving way.

We all spend our days running around, doing a million things in one time, thus not allowing ourselves to simply breathe and live in the moment. We are taking our love for granted and and forget to remind ourselves that we should stop and show the other person that you still love him as much as you did the first day and even more. The gifts that you receive on Valentine’s Day are the gifts that stay with you the longest, because they hold in them the true meaning of love and devotion. These gifts, wether they are a piece of jewelry, a perfume or dress become a vessel that carries your love over the years.

Whenever I am feeling down or just having one of those not so pleasant days, I pick up one of Sleiman’s gifts and for a moment I am back in time celebrating our first Valentine’s day together and everything feels at peace again.

When I am selecting a gift for him, I try to make it as personal as possible and as useful as I can make it. I want him to be able to enjoy it and use it every single day ( if possible ❤ ) and to make him carry a piece of my heart with him wherever he goes. Personalised gifts are my favorite, whether it’s a written note or a monogramed shirt, these small details are the things that really matter. It’s the extra thought that actually counts .

I hope you would enjoy this day and remember to spend it with the ones that truly matter, because love is what makes us feel alive and what makes us smile… HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY ♥︎_MG_0174_MG_0165_MG_0191_MG_0195_MG_0199_MG_0202_MG_0207_MG_0212_MG_0214


Whats We Are Wearing:

Maya: Dress ( a gift from thailand) | Earrings: ALDO | Rings: Zogheib, Vintage | Perfume: My Burberry

Sleiman: Shirt: HENRI MILLER (shop here) | Blazer + Pants: ZARA | Belt: Ted Baker | Watch: Apple | Sunglasses: Tomford


Henri Miller is a place you should visit if you are like me and suffer from not finding Comfortable and Modern Shirts for a reasonable price. They carry all your basics and cover all your needs, from the casual to the boyfriend fit, they have it all for both Men and Women.

For the upcoming Valentine’s Day they are offering a free monogram service, free of charge, to make the gift you choose even more perfect and personalised, plus the second day delivery is a huge bonus (in Lebanon).

Check their website here: www. henrimiller.com and get to know this amazing Lebanese brand and be wowed by their products.


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