Maybelline Matte Lipsticks : Review + Swatches


If you have been a long time reader of my blog, you might have gotten the idea that I am simply a Lipstick Junkie. I can never say No to a new color or a new collection or a new finish. I have to have them all and I need them now. After long years of trial and error, I have become a self-proclaimed expert on everything related to my lips, I know what works and what doesn’t and have found such amazing lipsticks that have become my holy-grail products that I feel the need to compare the new products to them. The new additions should be at least as good as my all-time favorites to stay in my permanent collection and go through a lot of trial on my behalf, so that I can know they are worth the talk.

As you may have guessed from the title, we are discussing the newest addition to the Maybelline lipstick family, the MATTE Lipsticks. I was drawn to the name itself, since I am the hugest fan of matte lipsticks an/or stains and prefer this finish to any other in the market. The only other finish I love is the Amplified one from MAC, that is creamy but very pigmented at the same time.

These lipsticks come in the Blue/Green packaging and come in around 12 shades (might be lying here, not really sure). The ones I have are the following:

Sequence 01.Still032


Sequence 01.Still044 copy


Sequence 01.Still059



Here is the general review of the Matte Lipsticks:

  • The color pay-off is superb, you get the color in the bullet from the first layer and it could be built-up for a more rich color.
  • The color choice in the collection is really impressing, you can find different shades of each color, thus making sure you could find the best shade for your skin tone.
  • The finish is actually not that Matte as I have hoped it to be, it is more similar to a creamy matte (amplified finish by MAC)
  • Since it is more creamy on the lips, it is not drying at all and sits very comfortably all day long
  • The wear time is about 3 to 4 hours, which is not bad considering its creamy finish
  • this is solely my opinion, but I think it would last longer and apply better when mixed with a lipliner.

In general, I was really impressed with this Collection and highly recommend you give it a go, especially if you are looking for an affordable rich-colored lipstick in the drugstore. The retail price is around 16,000 / 18,000 LL (around 12$) and could be found in all supermarkets and pharmacies.


You can catch my full and more detailed review on my Youtube Channel. Click the video down below.



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