Weekly Update #2

Another Weekly Update for you guys šŸ˜€


We have finally moved into the new house, and it feels so good. It is actually an amazing feeling of owning a place that is truly you and that represents your wants and needs, and simply makes you feel at home. Although it is not fully done yet, I am enjoying the process of decorating the place and finding unique pieces that add character to it. I am going to post a weekly design update on my blog, to take you through my design process and how we ended up with the house of our dreams on a budget.

Also next week, would be dedicated to my collaboration with the Lebanese second-hand online store Washed and Found, you may have already seen some sneak peeks on my instagram account (@playingwithfashion) and I can’t wait to show you the rest. It’s going to be Vintage inspired photoshoot with a selection of Luxury pieces from the website.Ā IMG_6408My lovely husband is on a guys’ vacation to Thailand this week, so I am all alone with my cats šŸ˜› But, I am enjoying the one on one time with myself and indulging in a lot of bubble baths and books. Sometimes we all need that time on our own to remindĀ ourselves that although we are in a happy relationship and enjoy spending time with the significant other, we still need our alone time.Ā 

Please meet Dina, my best friend in the whole wide world. We have been best friends fromĀ the 5th grade and have done everything together ever since. She is the person that totally understands me and that I proudly call my sister. Although she doesn’t live in Lebanon (she lives in Oman for work) and I don’t see her everyday, whenever she is back in town, I feel like I am a teenager again. In addition, you should totally follow her instagram account (@dinawehby) because she has the most gorgeous photos from all around the world. She is an air-hostess after all.
Last Sunday was the wedding of my very close friend Nano in Jbeil. It was such a lovely ceremony,Ā Ā full of love and affection and happy people. We had a blast dancing the night away, and I re-wore my Birthday dress from 3 years ago. I just love this Topshop dress too much to let it sit in my closet without seeing the light. And I actually love re-wearing my dresses, because it shows that they were a good investment in the first place. I do not understand people who only wear their fancy dressesĀ for one time and then just let them get buried in the closet.
IMG_6491 IMG_6534

My latest beauty obsession is the Black Glitter liner from Maybelline.Ā It is aĀ not as harsh as the regular black liner, but a little more fun for both everyday wear and the nights out. Will post up Ā a full review pretty soon on the blog.


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