My Love/Hate Relationship with ZARA

We all love ZARA, there is no point in questioning that. It has become an obvious choice to head over to one of their stores and pick something new. 90% of the times, you leave the store with at least one item from their never-ending selection. ZARA comes to the rescue, whenever you need a new basic t-shirt or the latest fashion forward printed culottes. Whatever you need, you will find it there. ZARA makes life easier, and no wonder they have built an empire by making us want to buy more and more and more. And how can we not want buy anything new, when they magically display new pieces every single time you enter their store.

I cannot recall how many times has ZARA saved me during my rush to find the perfect dress to a specific occasion, and I am really thankful for it’s existence, but it has become too much. To make this story short, I am in the middle of packing for my very late Summer vacation (better late than never, as they say) and was looking through my stuff while picking the things I am taking with me. And it HIT me: more than 50% of my closet consists of ZARA items. I was shocked, I knew I shopped in ZARA very frequently, but to actually own that many of their stuff, genuinely scared me. Have I become too lazy to shop anywhere else?

I have always praised myself, that I am capable of finding hidden gems around different stores, but now all I have to do is head to my nearest ZARA, and VIOLA, they are all in front of me, without any effort or sweat. I don’t need to go around town looking for that perfect interpretation of the runway skirt, I know I will find it at ZARA. But, maybe I can find t somewhere else? and maybe in a better quality and for a better price? That is exactly what I miss, the excitement of finding that amazing single piece from a not-so-famous store, and running to this blog to write about how remarkable my find was. I miss sharing my fashion finds here, with my readers. I don’t feel I have to mention any ZARA pieces, since all people already head there, so why bother?

In the end, I will always love ZARA, and would pop into their stores once in a while, but no more building a ZARA shrine in my closet… I would be thinking twice before buying anything …

What are your thoughts on ZARA?




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