Weekly Update #2

Another Weekly Update for you guys ūüėÄ


We have finally moved into the new house, and it feels so good. It is actually an amazing feeling of owning a place that is truly you and that represents your wants and needs, and simply makes you feel at home. Although it is not fully done yet, I am enjoying the process of decorating the place and finding unique pieces that add character to it. I am going to post a weekly design update on my blog, to take you through my design process and how we ended up with the house of our dreams on a budget.

Also next week, would be dedicated to my collaboration with the Lebanese second-hand online store Washed and Found, you may have already seen some sneak peeks on my instagram account (@playingwithfashion) and I can’t wait to show you the rest. It’s going to be Vintage inspired photoshoot with a selection of Luxury pieces from the website.¬†IMG_6408My lovely husband is on a guys’ vacation to Thailand this week, so I am all alone with my cats ūüėõ But, I am enjoying the one on one time with myself and indulging in a lot of bubble baths and books. Sometimes we all need that time on our own to remind¬†ourselves that although we are in a happy relationship and enjoy spending time with the significant other, we still need our alone time.¬†

Please meet Dina, my best friend in the whole wide world. We have been best friends from¬†the 5th grade and have done everything together ever since. She is the person that totally understands me and that I proudly call my sister. Although she doesn’t live in Lebanon (she lives in Oman for work) and I don’t see her everyday, whenever she is back in town, I feel like I am a teenager again. In addition, you should totally follow her instagram account (@dinawehby) because she has the most gorgeous photos from all around the world. She is an air-hostess after all.
Last Sunday was the wedding of my very close friend Nano in Jbeil. It was such a lovely ceremony,  full of love and affection and happy people. We had a blast dancing the night away, and I re-wore my Birthday dress from 3 years ago. I just love this Topshop dress too much to let it sit in my closet without seeing the light. And I actually love re-wearing my dresses, because it shows that they were a good investment in the first place. I do not understand people who only wear their fancy dresses for one time and then just let them get buried in the closet.
IMG_6491 IMG_6534

My latest beauty obsession is the Black Glitter liner from Maybelline. It is a not as harsh as the regular black liner, but a little more fun for both everyday wear and the nights out. Will post up  a full review pretty soon on the blog.


Weekly Update #1

It has been really hard lately for me to be constantly updating my blog. With lack of new ideas and nothing really happening in my fashion life, I have decided to make this blog a little more personal and share some snippets of my life with you. I am going to have a weekly report every Saturday or Friday (haven’t decided on the proper day, yet) and fill you in with bits and bobs around my daily life, since my life is more than my blog and my Youtube channel .

So, here is the first Weekly Update:


If you follow me on instagram (@playingwithfashion) you would have seen already that I have a new hobby which is Motorbikes ‚̧ This is a new thing in my life and a pretty sudden one, since I have never in my life been interested in biking or racing, but when my husband got his first Bike, I felt the rush and decided to take lessons. And hurray, I had my first lesson last Friday, and it was everything I have imagined it to be an even more. Can’t wait for my next lesson … Will keep you posted with my improvements.


Another recent passion of mine is in the form of fitness. I was never into any type of sports ever in my life, but this year brought a lot of positive changes to my daily routine, and I joined the gym and actually sticked to it. I have been going 4 times per week for the last 8 months, and I am loving it. I have never felt more strong, relaxed and alive, like I do after exercise. Some people may wonder why I even bother going to the gym, since I am skinny, but I wanted that to change. I wanted to become stronger and more powerful, build those muscles and finally be able to do push-ups. I am struggling in building my abs, but with the addition of protein shakes to my diet, I think I am getting there. IMG_5643

I am falling in love with makeup again, which is a nice change for me, since for the last couple of months, I wasn’t really inspired and sticked to the same boring products every single day. But after discovering JeffreeStar on youtube, I am excited to experiment with colors and looks and do some new tutorials for my channel. The above picture is from MiuMiu’s instagram page, and I am loving the monochromatic look they have created, so I am going to re-create it next week. Stay tuned.

Last Saturday, I finally got my cat Luna spayed, it has been long overdue, but I finally found a Veterinarian I trust and he did an amazing job. Luna was running around the next day, and till now, shows no trace of any post surgery complications. If you are looking for a Veterinary Clinic that is actually professional and shows the love and affection to your pets, then the ANIMAL LIFE center in Khalde is your happy place. Highly recommend.

On Tuesday, we were invited with other fellow fashion and food bloggers, to the Amethyste Lounge in Phoenicia Hotel for a lovely Souhour to celebrate the Holy month of Ramadan. I cannot but say that the food and the service were beyond amazing and highly recommend you try them this month for either the Iftar or the Souhour. IMG_5830

And for the biggest update of the week, all I can say is that we finally found our new apartment and we are moving-in in about 3 weeks. I am super excited to finally have a home that reflects me and becomes my happy, sanctuary space. I am planning on documenting the move on my channel, from moving-in, to furniture shopping, to decorating… Let me know if you would actually enjoy this new idea.

The Top Posts of 2015 + Looking Back

Let me start this post by wishing a very belated¬†“Merry Christmas”¬†and a “Happy New Year” to all my new and old readers, you have been amazing this year and I can only wish you the best in your lives.

This year has been very difficult for me in both my personal life and my career. I had lost and found my way throughout this year and made critical decisions that finally directed my life in the path I have always wanted it to take. A lot of mistakes were done and an equal amount of right things fulfilled, and I think I can say 2015 was one hell of a year. Good or bad, I am still grateful for everyone who stood next to me and the new friends that are for sure staying beside me for a while.

Since I, myself, have changed a lot this year, it was a sure thing that my blog would do the same. With my priorities shifting towards my future, the blog has taken a second place in my life (even a third, if you count how into youtube, I am at the moment). I would never stop blogging, but you may find some changes in the content I choose to post. For me, this year it’s going to be more Maya on the blog and less fashion styling. It would be more tips and tricks and reviews, than just showing the new things I got in my closet. I am growing up and I want my blog to grow with me, so I hope you would stick with the new changes and I know you wouldn’t be disappointed.

Now for the Top Posts of 2015. It has become a tradition that I post the “top posts” in the early days of the new year, so that both, my readers and I,¬†¬†could look back to what made my blog special and interesting in that particular year. You may have already seen these posts, or somehow missed some of them, but I think you would enjoy Looking Back at the best of Playingwithfashion in 2015.

  1. Furla Candy Bag Review

4 2

2. Bag Review :: Charles&Keith Structured Tote

_MG_7043 _MG_7029-2

3. Review NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams + Swatches


4. ¬†‚̧ What‚Äôs Your Love Story¬†‚̧


5. The Only Bag You’ll Need This Season :: BUCKET BAG

bucket bags

Summer Recap


With a glimpse of an eye, this Summer is over. And although it might seem from the lack of constant posting on the blog, it was not as eventful as the previous one, but I can assure it was the opposite for me. So, much happened during these 3 months and maybe that was why I couldn’t find the proper time to sit down and write a post.

I am super excited for the upcoming months, since I have a lot of new projects and exciting collaborations lined up, and would like to dedicate this post as a reflection to this amazing Summer that was full of big dates for me.

So, here is a list of what has been going on:

  • In May, I got back to work after a 5 months hiatus, and was fully emerged into the new work environment.
  • My Best Friend got engaged, and we started preparing for her upcoming wedding that would happen in Cyprus.
  • We traveled to Cyprus with all our friends and witnessed 2 amazing people finally getting married and joining their life together.
  • We had the hottest Summer in Beirut, so shooting outfits outside were a full-on torture, so I have cancelled this idea totally and kept wearing my denim shorts and loose tshirts most days of the week.
  • In mid July, my second Best Friend announced that she was¬†moving back to Lebanon from Australia, to (guess what?) get married (so the second wedding preparation has begun).
  • As most people might have already heard from the news, Lebanon isn’t the most peaceful place on Earth ¬†nor¬†the most Glamourous these days¬†(we have our garbage crisis, which is still pending after 2 months of negotiations), but we still love it and hope for a better future for all of us, thus I was proudly supporting the people behind the #YouStink campaign and felt weird posting about fashion and beauty when my country was a wreck.
  • But, I couldn’t stay away from my blog for¬†far¬†too long, I was longing for that time I spent on my laptop sharing my thoughts and ideas with all these people around the world, so I have decided to get back to my happy place and forget about the outside world.

Let’s say goodbye to Summer and welcome Fall!


What I Wore:

Shorts: ZARA | Top: Pull&Bear | Shoes: Superga | Necklace: from Cyprus








I Am What I Am !



Hello! My name is Maya, I am a fashion loving girl living in Beirut. I am what I am , and I am a CHOCOLATE LOVER ‚̧ Now it’s your turn to tell me WHO YOU ARE.

Join me and BHV Lebanon, in this amazing and inspiring initiative to support the youth and make them believe in themselves and in the power of their voice. Because we believe that the future starts now, and it is our duty to help the young adults to be the better version of themselves. By speaking their mind and stating their opinions, whether they are as silly as their favorite icecream flavor, or as serious as their take on the current political situation in the country, they become a solid ground and a base for the next generation.

With this #BHVIamWhatIam campaign we are giving you¬†a channel to speak and to share your¬†voice, so don’t be afraid to be a part of the change. Check my Instagram account ( @playingwithfashion ) to see the video I shot for the campaign and in return do the same.

By taking a part in this Campaign you will have the chance to be 1 lucky winner that would be treated to a styling session and a photoshoot with BHV Lebanon, so all you have to do is:

  • Shoot a short video and just say whatever you want to say
  • Upload your video to your Instagram page (your account shouldn’t be private)
  • Use the hashtags #BHVIamWhatIamWithMaya & #BHVIamWhatIam
  • Don’t forget to tag me @playingwithfashion (so that I could see your posts)

You will have till August the 7th to participate, so good luck.


What I am wearing:

Top: ZARA | Jeans: GAP | Heels: Forever21 | Watch: DW watches | On my Lips: “Up the Amp” by M.A.C.