Out with the OLD, In with the NEW


This is going to be the last article I am ever going to post on the wordpress platform, because I am finally moving to my own website. It is still going to be Playingwithfashion.com, but more modern and sleek. It is going to be simply more me.

As mush as I enjoyed being a part of the wordpress family for 3 years, I find that it is lacking the diversity I want and need for my blog these days. The things I want to say and the pictures I want to display no longer fit into the older version, thus making it the perfect time to grow up and become better.

The new website is going to be very visual and straight to the point and I am more than excited to finally show it to you. So, stay tuned, it is going to be live soon.




Love by the Beach


It feels like it was just yesterday, when we were celebrating the beginning of Summer, and here we are on the 1st of September feeling betrayed that somehow these 3 months slipped away right in front of us. We all know, that officially it is still Summer till the 21st of September, but the end of August would always bring out the blues (still from the School Days 😛 )

With the long summer days coming to an end, I am trying to take advantage of every single moment and spend it outside, enjoying the sea and the nature. This is the second post dedicated to the beautiful Batroun sea, and I simply cannot get enough of the surreal calmness and coolness that this place gives me. (Thank you @breadonbutter_ for making me welcome in your hometown once again)

One of the biggest advantages of the early Fall months is the cooler weather that we get, so I am all for the layering style as seen in the look I have chosen for Lynn’s birthday barbecue,last weekend (check Lynn’s blog: www.breadonbutter.com).
_MG_9383 _MG_9364 _MG_9376_MG_9411_MG_9424 _MG_9381 _MG_9407 _MG_9345 _MG_9429


What I Wore:

Top: Jujule Lemonie | Shorts: ZARA | Shirt: TOPMAN (borrowed from the husband) | Sandals: ZARA | Sunglasses: ZARA


P.S. a lot of beauty posts coming later this week, so pass by soon 😀

Men Instagramers You Must Follow

Many think of instagram as a pure platform for girls, where all they share is their never-ending selfies and new shoes. And as true as it may actually be, there is a lot of Instagram to offer to the other gender, especially in the fashion sense. From Inspirational Travelers to Jaw-Dropping Styling photos, here is a list of amazing Men on Instagram that keep inspiring not only men but women also.

1. @FUNFORLOUIS : a youtuber, turned sensation, who lives the life we all want to live. He travels the world and shares with his followers amazing discreet places, through gorgeous, breathtaking photos. @funforlouis

2. @GALLUCKS : If black is your favorite color, then Joel’s instagram account is your place to grab inspiration from. His minimalistic take on fashion and his love for simple looks makes you want to live in a black and white world forever. @gallucks

3. @GARCONJON : A truly beautiful account that showcases and highlights Men’s Streetstyle around London and the world. Through Jonathan’s eye you can enter the magical and candid world of Fashionable men on the Streets. @garconjon

4. @JOHANNESHUEBL: besides being the husband of OLIVIA PALERMO, Johannes is a Fashion Icon on his own, with his instagram being the perfect platform to showcase his killer style and his runway-ready looks. @johannesshuebl

5. @KARLMOND: aka. MR.BOY, is a fashion blogger, stylist and a social media consultant, a killer combination I might say. His personal style consists of the perfect mix between the Classic Pieces and the Crazy Statement ones. A true style icon of our generation, indeed. @karlmond

6. @THEDRESSEDCHEST : a one of a kind account, that only showcases the chest area from the same angle every time. But what more do you need? The perfect dose of daily inspiration to last you a lifetime. @thedressedchest


7. @WHATMYBOYRIENDWORE : If you have to follow one account for the rest of your life, Sergio’s instagram page is the only choice you should go for. With impeccable dapper style and full outfit collages with smart little details, Sergio makes dressing up in the morning seem like a piece of cake. @whatmyboyfriendwore


Disclaimer: This is a post written especially for Joe’s Box blog , as a  guest Fashion Blogger. 


Urban Walk


There’s something very romantic about wearing a long dress, and when that dress is made of lace then it takes the romantic thing to another level. I have always thought that I could only wear this dress during the hot summer days or while I am on vacations, but actually I found it very pleasant to style all year round. By adding the grey Leather Jacket, the very girly dress was transformed into a very casual and cool look. To continue with the casual vibes, my favorite chucks were a must for that city feel, plus they make the walking around the streets of Beirut much much easier.

To accessorize, I decided not to limit myself to one necklaces but instead everything I own ( I am kidding!! I have much much more than that :P)
IMG_1498 IMG_1506 IMG_1532-2 IMG_1541-1 IMG_1546-1 IMG_1547-1 IMG_1555 IMG_1562-1


What I Wore:

Dress: Jujulie Lumonie | Jacket: VeroModa | Shoes: Converse | Necklaces: (from Top till Bottom) H&M, H&M, Topshop, Accessorize | Watch: Casio Sheen | Bracelets: Mukhi Sisters, Vintage from Turkey | Rings: RoulaDfouni, H&M, Silver from India


Location: ARAX street, Bourj Hammoud

Photos c/o BetKet Photography




The Dark Princess


No, don’t worry! I am not blonde again! This post somehow ended up in drafts without posting, so I have decided to share it with you, since I really do love the whole look.

This checkered shirt is one of my most prized pieces in my wardrobe. Not because it is expensive or rare, but because it fits me like a glove and I love it. To break down the casual feel of the shirt, I decided to glam it up and paired it with my Tulle Skirt for a modern princess vibe. To merge the 2 pieces together, I added the gold belt and the black chunky heels. Tousled hair and simple jewelry gave the final touches to create the final look. _MG_7670_MG_7640 _MG_7656 _MG_7658


What I Wore:

Shirt: MAX | Skirt: SAMIIA | Heels: Promod | Belt: Mango | Watch: CK | Necklace: H&M |