5 Simple Rules for “DAPPER” Dressing

By Definition:
Dapper (adjective)
(of a man) neat and trim in dress and appearance
“he looked very dapper in a dark silk suit”
Although Dapper was a very well used word in the English Dictionary during the 20s till the mid 60s, it has somehow disappeared from the urban language until of late, when the Streetstyle mania began. When a few years ago, it was hard to find a single young man walking around in a suit unless he was heading to a wedding, now it is THE Trend. And what not to like about a well dressed man that exudes character and finesse, and dresses to impress.
I think all men have it in them, their inner Mad Men character, but every one of them shows it in a different way. I am not saying that all men should suddenly become one of the Men in Black stars, but a little bit of care shown in the way they present their style is a huge plus that could reflect positively in more than one way in their life.
Here is my short guide on how to Dress Dapper:
1. Tailoring is everything: more than 90% of men buy their blazers and pants a size bigger than they need, and it comes in no surprise, since you can rarely find a perfect fit unless it is made for you. And as we all know, it is quite expensive to have all your clothes be made especially for you, but tailoring your existing wardrobe pieces to measure would cost you a minimal amount and you will have the wardrobe that fits you like a glove. So, find yourself a good Tailor, and you can thank me later.
2. Know your fabrics. This tip can seem pretty much straight forward, but it makes sense,trust me. I constantly hear men saying that they can only wear T-shirts during the warm weather, for one single reason, which is that they feel too hot to wear their vests and blazers on top of them. And this is partly true, but here is where the fabrics come to play, you have to know that Blazers come in different materials and fits that are made for  all the 4 seasons of the year. So, wear your Linen and Cotton Blazers during the hot and humid weather, and keep the Wool and Flannel ones for the months were you need that extra warmth. Another thing to remember, is that you have to avoid inner lined Blazers during the Summer, to stay cool and fresh.
3. Perfect your suit collection. One of the biggest mistakes that men make, is that they tend to stick to one cut that fits them and later buy all the colors available from the same series. Instead try to have a wider horizon and make interesting choices that would make your outfits more versatile and unique. You can play with different patterns, such as Pinstripe and Twill or even different cuts.
4. Know your buttons. This is pretty simple, all you have to do is remember the “Sometimes, Always, Never” rule when it comes to buttoning your suit. You can “sometimes” button up the first button, you “always” have to button the second one, and you “never” should button the last one. Golden rule, indeed.
5. Posh Pockets. Nothing can make your look more complete and dapper than adding a lovely silk scarf to your pocket. Instantly, this little detail transforms your look and give you the polished finish you want.

Handsome Man Walking with Cell Phone


Disclaimer: This is a post written especially for Joe’s Box blog , as a  guest Fashion Blogger. 




Men Instagramers You Must Follow

Many think of instagram as a pure platform for girls, where all they share is their never-ending selfies and new shoes. And as true as it may actually be, there is a lot of Instagram to offer to the other gender, especially in the fashion sense. From Inspirational Travelers to Jaw-Dropping Styling photos, here is a list of amazing Men on Instagram that keep inspiring not only men but women also.

1. @FUNFORLOUIS : a youtuber, turned sensation, who lives the life we all want to live. He travels the world and shares with his followers amazing discreet places, through gorgeous, breathtaking photos. @funforlouis

2. @GALLUCKS : If black is your favorite color, then Joel’s instagram account is your place to grab inspiration from. His minimalistic take on fashion and his love for simple looks makes you want to live in a black and white world forever. @gallucks

3. @GARCONJON : A truly beautiful account that showcases and highlights Men’s Streetstyle around London and the world. Through Jonathan’s eye you can enter the magical and candid world of Fashionable men on the Streets. @garconjon

4. @JOHANNESHUEBL: besides being the husband of OLIVIA PALERMO, Johannes is a Fashion Icon on his own, with his instagram being the perfect platform to showcase his killer style and his runway-ready looks. @johannesshuebl

5. @KARLMOND: aka. MR.BOY, is a fashion blogger, stylist and a social media consultant, a killer combination I might say. His personal style consists of the perfect mix between the Classic Pieces and the Crazy Statement ones. A true style icon of our generation, indeed. @karlmond

6. @THEDRESSEDCHEST : a one of a kind account, that only showcases the chest area from the same angle every time. But what more do you need? The perfect dose of daily inspiration to last you a lifetime. @thedressedchest


7. @WHATMYBOYRIENDWORE : If you have to follow one account for the rest of your life, Sergio’s instagram page is the only choice you should go for. With impeccable dapper style and full outfit collages with smart little details, Sergio makes dressing up in the morning seem like a piece of cake. @whatmyboyfriendwore


Disclaimer: This is a post written especially for Joe’s Box blog , as a  guest Fashion Blogger. 


Men’s Accessories :: ARMCANDY Edition

The reason why girls love their accessories so much, is that they allow us to show-off another side of us or create a certain mood in an otherwise simple look. You can be wearing the same t-shirt and jeans but turn them into different looks every time, by switching up the accessories. So it’s pretty normal to see a girl wearing lots of necklaces and bracelets on a regular basis, and these days the accessories trend is dominating the Men’s World as well.

One of the most exciting accessory trend for this season is the Bracelet mix and stacking process. From wearing simple, single stranded bracelets to going bold with a full armcandy, stylish men everywhere are getting into this trend that I hope would last. In my opinion, accessories really make a statement and actually allow you to play around with your style and personal mood at any given moment.

In the charts below, you can check all the different types of bracelets and some simple inspirations on how to mix&match them like a pro.

1.beaded2.leather 3.metal 4.paired with a watch 5.Mix and match


Disclaimer: This is a post written especially for Joe’s Box blog , as a  guest Fashion Blogger. 


Men’s Spring Style Essentials 2015

With the Spring feeling in the air, you cannot but want to reflect this breeziness into your style, too. Spring is the time for changes and adventures, for changing your scenery and welcoming the new. One of the simplest way to really immerse in the Spring weather is by freshening up your wardrobe. Starting with a spring clean for your closet and ending up with adding the must-have style essentials for this Season.

Whether you are a style newbie or a true trendsetter, here are the Top 5 Style Essentials for this Spring.
1.Chambray ShirtI think this addition wouldn’t be a surprise to anyone these days, since the Chambray Shirt has proven it’s tremendous capabilities in being the most versatile piece in your wardrobe. From wearing it with your favorite trousers to rocking it with distressed jeans, the Chambray Shirt would be your go-to Spring Look for sure. It could be worn tucked in, over your jeans or even as a light jacket over your favorite plain T-shirt.

2.Cropped Trousers

If you have been bored with your typical pants or your jeans, the best and trendiest option is to opt for the cropped version that would graze your ankles. It’s a very easy and small detail that would 100% transform your look for this Spring. The beauty of this trend is that you do not have to go out and buy a new pair of jeans to rock this trend, all you have to do is roll up the edge of your regular jeans a couple of times to achieve the cropped look. 3.Denim Jacket

90’s are back for real this year, and nothing says 90s more than a vintage looking Denim Jacket. Although you can go for any fit or color you want for a more comfortable wear, the more the Denim Jacket looks battered the coolest it would look. Luck you, if you still have your dad’s vintage denim, because that’s definitely in this season. Wear it with dark denim or even your chinos for that cool 90s vibe. 4.Hawaiian Print

The Hawaiian print may look frightening to some, but let me assure you that it’s not that hard to pull-off. You can go from a very small print on a simple white T-shirt to the more complex full on Hawaiian Slip-ons, so it’s really your choice on how far would you go with this style. One sure thing is that you will definitely feel that your are on a tropical vacation wearing this print.


The last style essential is one of the easiest to pull-off, since I don’t think I know a guy who doesn’t own a pair of sneakers. So guys, the Sneakers trend is for you and try to make the most of it. From wearing the Adidas Originals to the funky New Balance to the old school Converse, the sneakers are now even appropriate to wear to work (unless you work in a very strict company or a bank ). They look super stylish paired with the Cropped Trousers or your Denim Jeans.


Disclaimer: This is a post written especially for Joe’s Box blog , as a  guest Fashion Blogger. 


90s Are Back !!

_MG_8182_MG_8171 _MG_8193 _MG_8197_MG_8195

As a continuation to my previous outfit post (if you missed it, here is the link), here is another example of 90s inspiration in fashion, but this time it is the guys’ version. From the Denim Jacket featured in my post, to this denim on denim version in the hubby’s look. The Denim shirt is perfect for layering during the transitional period, where it is still too hot to wear a jacket during the day, but a little chilly to just wear a tshirt. Combine your favorite denim shirt, whether it is a dark or a light denim, with grey jeans and add a pop of color with the shoes.

This look is a very easy, casual and perfect for the summer-strolls, where you just want to spend most of your days outside enjoying the perfect sunny weather. Get inspired by the 90’s for that simple but grunge look, that is so in right now.

What He Wore:

All Look Springfield ( and no it is not a sponsored look, he just loves their stuff) 😛