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I have noticed lately that I have been heading to precise fashion stores while on my shopping sprees. I don’t know if it is the lazy part of me, or just the certainty that I can find what I would definitely like in one my favorite stores without spending a lot of time looking and searching around. I think for me it is simply the time issue. With my heavy schedule and my constant running around from work to meetings to my daily family errands, I do not want to waste my spare time on visiting shops I am not certain of. I want my time to be spent wisely. Is it just me, or it also happens to you? Because sometimes I feel that I do not give the new stores any chance, but I know what I like and I stick to it.

But once in a while, I get introduced to new brands that become a favorite of mine and are easily added to my favorites’ list. I would like to introduce you to SUBDUED, an Italian brand that caters for the young and the fashionable, with a vast variety of casuals and denim pieces, trust me when I say that you will fall in love. One of the main things that caught my eye in the store was their jeans selection, from different cuts to different colors, there is something for each and everyone of you. I, personally, find it hard finding a pair of jeans that wouldn’t stretch out after a couple of wears, and I was super happy with the Subdued Girlfriend-fit jeans. This pair has enough amount of stretch that allows it to be very comfy to wear during the day but stay looking perfect even after 4-5 wears. What is also amazing about this store is the petite sizing. Yes, they have sizes going as small as 21 😀

This store is perfect for the accessories’ lovers like me, they have a huge collection of chockers and earrings that would satisfy any girl and makes necklace layering a piece of cake.


Visit the recently opened SUBDUED store in Beirut City Center, and check their facebook page for all the new updates (www.facebook.com/SubduedLebanon/)

What I am Wearing:

Top + Jacket + Jeans: Subdued | Bag: Furla | Shoes: Superga | Choker + Earrings + Necklace + Phone Cover: Subdued

Photos by Betty from Betket Photography.


90s Are Back !!

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As a continuation to my previous outfit post (if you missed it, here is the link), here is another example of 90s inspiration in fashion, but this time it is the guys’ version. From the Denim Jacket featured in my post, to this denim on denim version in the hubby’s look. The Denim shirt is perfect for layering during the transitional period, where it is still too hot to wear a jacket during the day, but a little chilly to just wear a tshirt. Combine your favorite denim shirt, whether it is a dark or a light denim, with grey jeans and add a pop of color with the shoes.

This look is a very easy, casual and perfect for the summer-strolls, where you just want to spend most of your days outside enjoying the perfect sunny weather. Get inspired by the 90’s for that simple but grunge look, that is so in right now.

What He Wore:

All Look Springfield ( and no it is not a sponsored look, he just loves their stuff) 😛