My Current Summer Makeup Look



I am back in my Makeup – Experimenting zone, and back to wearing some eyeshadows. I have been having a makeup detox as of late and was using the same products over and over again (because when it works, why change it?). But after binge watching every video Jeffree Star has posted on his channel, I decided it’s time again to get those palettes out and create some looks. In this video, I tried using my newest palette from TooFaced the “Semi-Sweet” Chocolate Bar and was super happy with the results. A full review with swatches are coming next week on the blog, so stick around.



Beauty Review :: PUPA Active Light Foundation


It has been a very long time since I have wrote down any of my beauty hauls or reviews in any of my posts, but get ready for a lot to come pretty soon. I have been testing a lot of new and old beauty releases and I think you would quite enjoy the products I would be talking about. First of all, let’s talk about a new foundation discovery that may have taken the place of my beloved DIOR BB Cream foundation (surprise, surprise, I’ve never thought this day could ever come). This foundation is the PUPA Active Light Foundation, which has been released this Summer, and I have been testing it properly for the last 2 months or so, and finally ready to state my final verdict.

This time, I am not going to separate remarks to Pros and Cons, but simply state the obvious:

  • The packaging is very sturdy and expensive looking, with the glass bottle and a very handy pump.
  • As the name might suggest, it is actually a very light consistency, but pretty build-able, thus making it more of a medium coverage if needed.
  • It has a very liquid formula (if you have the Chanel Vita Luimere Aqua, it is very similar in consistency to that), so you have to properly give it a shake before pumping it out of the packaging.
  • It is easily applied, with both the foundation brush and the hands and gives a very light and healthy glow to your skin, since it has some luminous pigments that bring out the natural colors of your skin.
  • This foundation has an SPF 10, which is not that high for everyday use, but is perfect if you are planning on wearing it for a night event, since it plays well with cameras and flash photography.
  • This foundation is OIL free, so if you are someone with oily skin, this is a perfect solution for a natural glow without any excess oiliness. But if you still prefer the matt look, a slight dusting of your favorite powder would do the trick.
  • The color range of this foundation is amazing for a drugstore brand, where you can easily choose from 14 different shades. My color is 003, Dark Ivory.
  • It wears nicely during the day, and stays put for more than 6 hours without retouching. I mainly have the most problems around the nose area and need retouching after a long day at work.
  • It retails for around 27$, which is less by half than my favorite Dior one.


Sequence 01.Still008


All in all, this foundation was the discovery of the year for me, and I couldn’t but recommend it to people who are searching for a foundation that gives both, a decent coverage and a healthy – satiny glow.

What has been your latest  beauty discoveries?



This product was sent to me for consideration, all thoughts mentioned are my own. This is not a sponsored post.


Review PROVOC Lip liners

Sequence 01.Still009

One of the most exciting discoveries, in the beauty world, this year was the PROVOC Lip liners that simply changed the way I look at lining my lips before applying any lipstick. Before trying these, I used to be very skeptical about any other lip liners, since they do not have the color payoff I expect them to give. Although, I have been using them for more than 3 months now, I wanted to be pretty sure before giving my final verdict. Without too much blabbing about how good they are in every single way possible, here are the usual pros and cons.


  • Could be easily found in any C&F store in Lebanon. I usually visit the one in Spinneys Hazmieh.
  • Has an amazing price of 6,000 LL (4$)
  • Spot on pigmentation.
  • Applies very smoothly and easily
  • Doesn’t leave your lips DRY
  • Come in an array of colors from Nude to Bright Red
  • Can be worn as a regular matte lipstick


  • The only downside of these Lip Liners is that they need to be sharpened, so if you want to carry them in your makeup bag, a sharpener is a must.

And as always here are the swatches to the shades I have, from the lightest to the darkest.

Sequence 01.Still002

The perfect Brown-y Nude “Cinnamon & Sugar #29”

Sequence 01.Still004

The most wearable pink ” Irresistible #18 “

Sequence 01.Still005

The most flattering red ” Sealed with a Kiss #21″

This shade of red is one of the perfect and most flattering REDs I have ever tried. It is not too orang-y and not too red, it is simply the perfect combination of both.


For more details on these lipliners, you could catch my video:



Let me know if you have ver tried this brand before or even heard of it? Would love to hear your recommendations if you have any.



Legs-1As the temperature keeps rising up, our legs come out to play more and more. During these days we tend to toss away our favorite pair of jeans that we were so devoted to during the colder weather and get those pair of shorts out to shine. Since our legs haven’t seen the proper sun for almost 9 months, we tend to be a little timid to show them to the world again.

I used to have the same fears until I have established the perfect routine that would I make my legs perfect for the Dress weather in minimum amount of time. All you have to do is to get down to the basics of moisturizing and scrubbing for achieving smooth and healthy legs.

Here are my Steps for getting Summer Ready.


1. Prepping the Legs before Shaving or Waxing. It doesn’t matter here whether you use a RAZOR or an Epilator or a Waxing Kit, you have to remember to prep your legs before removing all the hairs. And this preparatory step is all about the SCRUB. You have to clean your skin from all the nastiness and the dead cells to achieve the best results. I love using the LUSH BUFFY body butter and scrub before shaving my legs, since not only does it rejuvenate my skin, it hydrates them deeply as well.


2. Removing the Hair. I am going to discuss in this step the usage of a RAZOR only, so if you use anything else, you can skip this step. If you are a Razor lover like me, you should know that it is all about the quality of the razor and the shaving cream you use. I tend to use a Venus Razor, since I find it gives the smoothest shave and it is  the easiest to use. As for the shaving cream, I have really struggled in finding  a shaving cream, that is moisturizing enough and that allows the razor to glide smoothly on the skin. The D’FLUFF shaving cream is a perfect solution for people who have very sensitive skin and get the razor burns from time to time. In addition to it being amazing on your skin, it smells of Strawberry and it is pink, what more can you ask for.


3. Taking Care of the Feet. One of the main things that people tend to forget when prepping their legs for Summer is the Feet. Beautiful feet that are well moisturized and properly scrubbed make a lot of difference especially when wearing sandals and flip-flops. The VOLCANO mask from LUSH is a total foot savior and a product I actually swear by.

4. Moisturizing. DRY skin isn’t healthy nor beautiful, so try to apply a rich moisturizer every time you get out of the shower, to achieve your perfect legs.


Since I loved all of these products so much, I have decided, with the help of the LUSH Lebanon team, to have an amazing competition in the spirit of the SUMMER Season and make sure that some of my readers could enjoy them, too.

All you have to do is SHARE a photo on your instagram showing your Summer Legs or your Feet, in whatever summer location or destination you are, using a HASHTAG #PerfectLegsWithLush . Don’t forget to tag me (@playingwithfashion) and LUSH Lebanon  (@lushlebanon) to enter the draw. 


You will have 1 week to participate starting today ( May 19th). The competition will end on the night of May 26th and the winners would be announced the next day on the blog. 

We would be selecting 5 Lucky Winners, who would get a gift bag from LUSH. There’s going to be one main winner and 4 smaller ones. So, keep these photos flowing.

P.S. Multiple entry for the same person is allowed ❤ 


Getting Pampered by the YSL Team


As a beauty junkie, I am always excited to get to know brands more closely to really understand their esthetic and the way they treat their products. You can get the insight to different uses of every thing they represent and they will let you know how to properly use any of their products. Since, I was a YSL makeup virgin, I was excited to meet BOB (their most talented makeup artist) where he introduced me to the wonderful world of YSL.

The Makeup he applied on me was by using their latest 2 products, the Updated Volume Faux Cils Mascara and the Couture Mono Eyeshadow in a deep purple color. This look was very simple but bold at the same time perfect for women on the go who want to achieve the best results in the shortest amount of time. The star of the show was their infamous Volume Faux Cils Mascara that has been reformulated to make it last longer without drying out as soon as it used to before. This mascara is perfect for the making your eyelashes appear more dark and dramatic and I am testing it out properly this month and will do a whole review on it soon, so stay tuned on the blog for all the details.

Another thing that I surprisingly liked was the KISS and Blush double product that could be used as a lipstick and a blush at the same time. Although I heard a lot of negative things about it, I THINK I LIKE IT A LOT, and would give it a try once I get my hands on it.

Here are a couple of photos from the event:: 2S4A3026 2S4A3039 2S4A3044


Products Mentioned :


YSL  VOLUME EEFET FAUX CILS MASCARA in Black 3365440382053_Mono-Rive-Gauche-Eyeshadow_07COUTURE MONO EYESHADOW IN 07 KAFTAN 
3365440738447_9_baby-doll-kiss-and-blush_Alt1KISS AND BLUDH DUO in 09 ROSE EPICURIEN