When In Larnaca


I have never thought that I would love a country so bad, in such a short time. If you follow me on Instagram, you may already know that I had a mini vacation last week, in Larnaca, Cyprus. And believe me when I say, I had never enjoyed my vacation more than this time. It may be due to my bestfriend getting married, or it may be due to the simple fact, that I fell in love with this small country and its people.

I will be posting, next week, some photos from the trip, but for now I want to share with you this small post dedicated to the color- Blue.

When walking down the streets of Larnaca, you cannot but get mesmerised with its culture and history and I hope you could catch a glimpse of that in these photos. _MG_6128 _MG_6171 _MG_6189_MG_6130_MG_6139 _MG_6195 _MG_6203 _MG_6211 _MG_6224 _MG_6237 _MG_6242 _MG_6262


What I Wore::

Top: Oxygene | Shorts: Esprit | Sandals: Springfield | Bag: Charles & Keith | Necklace: Pull & Bear | Rings: Vintage (one from Larnaca and the other from India)


Location: Streets of Larnaca, Cyprus

Photography: Hamza Shamas 



Fringed Love

_MG_8950This post is dedicated to the beautiful beaches of Lebanon, that we sometimes tend to forget. We are so used to going to the “IT” places and paying unbelievable amounts just to swim in the sea, instead of discovering small corners of astonishing beauty for free.

Two weeks ago, for the first time, I saw the beauty of the Batroun Beach and its serenity. The beauty and the calmness of the sea and just fell in love. This is what makes Lebanon an Unbelievable place, the small corners that haven’t been yet over used by men.
_MG_8947 _MG_8953 _MG_8954 _MG_8956 _MG_8966 _MG_8969


What I Wore:

Top: H&M | Shorts: GS Stores | Cardigan: Pull&Bear | Shoes: GALA x Superga | Bag: Mango | Watch: Michael Kors | Necklaces: Vintage + Pull&Bear

Living the MOMENT


Our lives are made of many small and large moments that shape what we are today. Some moments we cling to, the others we desperately try to toss far, far away. But bitter or sweet, these different moments represent us more than anything else, whether we like it or not, they are here to stay. Everything that happens to us, happens for a reason and allows us to grow and learn from our mistakes.

Some people remember stuff by remembering a certain place or a certain feeling at that place, but for me all my associations go back to the things I wear or a perfume I was wearing at a certain moment of time. I like how every piece in my closet reminds me of a precise moment in my life, where something significant happened and left a stamp in my memory. I love how a summer dress could move me back to last year’s vacation in Greece and for a mere second, I am back on the sandy beach feeling the sand under my feet and the sun on my face. Whenever I am sad or simply longing for a vacation , I get that dress out of my closet and get transported to a better world.

OYSHO has launched an international campaign allowing people to share their special moments in life under the hashtag #OYSHOMOMENTS and make you appreciate the little things that make you happy. Whether it is your new working gear, your favorite swimsuit, that you have been wearing for the last couple of years non-stop, or a coffee break with your best friend, you can share it now through your Social Media accounts and be a part of the #OYSHOMOMENT .

I am starting a competition on my instagram page (@playingwithfashion) that allows you to be a lucky winner of an OYSHO giftcard and enjoy some shopping to create new memories. So, follow me on instagram to be up to date with all the updates on this matter and don’t forget to tag #OYSHOMOMENTSPWF to have a chance in the competition.
_MG_5573_MG_5531 _MG_5535 _MG_5543 _MG_5555 _MG_5559 _MG_5591 _MG_5594 _MG_5588What I Wore:

Dress: OYSHO c/o | Hat: BHV | Sunglasses: ZARA | Ring: Roula Dfouni


Location: Ramlet El Bayda

Photography: Hamza Shamas 


That SIMPLE Dress

IMG_3186-2IMG_3203-1IMG_3191-2IMG_3207-1 IMG_3218-1 IMG_3220-1


We all have those days when we simply don’t have the time or the energy to style up something fresh or over the top. We just want something smart and casual that would speak for itself without any effort. And for those kind of days I have my dresses that makes dressing up in the morning a super easy task.

I just love this 60s inspired, black and white dress from Mango paired with the simple sandals from OYSHO together. By combining these two pieces you get the most perfect outfit for hanging out with friends, going out for lunch with family or even discovering the city. Since that day I was having a stroll through the streets of Mar Mkhael in Beirut, I have decided to add a crossbody bag  from VEA WEAR, so that I wouldn’t be bothered with carrying anything in my hands. What’s really cool about this bag is that it’s made of recycled tires and is 100% handmade, thus making it a very eco-friendly choice.

To know more about VEA WEAR, you can check :

Facebook |  Website | Instagram


What I Wore:

Dress: Mango | Sandals: Oysho | Bag: Vea Wear* | Rings: ZARA | Sunglasses: I AM Accessories


Location: Mar Mkhael Street

Photos c/o BetKet Photography


Waiting For Something …


Bus-Wait-2 Bus-Wait-3 Bus-Wait-4 Bus-Wait-5 Bus-Wait-6 Bus-Wait-7 Bus-Wait-8


What I Wore:

Shirt: Topshop | Skirt: Cotton On | Bag: ZARA | BowTie: Mrs.BowTie* (found in Virgin Megastore) | Flats: Topshop last season| Watch: Daniel Wellington Watches

Photos+Editing: K-Frame Creative Agency 


This is one of these posts, where I am showing you an outfit of the day and talking about something completely different. I know it’s bad, but I cannot seem to bring my thoughts together ad write something creative about what I am wearing. All that I’ve got is that; one, I like polka dots and two, I still can’t believe I have been rocking this skirt from COTTON ON for the 3rd Summer in a row, and it only cost me 21,000 LL . Now that’s what I call a bargain shopping expertise. Although, I have to say that I need to buy another one, because I don’t think it would still be in perfect shape for the next year.

Have you ever had that one piece in your wardrobe that somehow stays from one clean to the other??