5 Simple Rules for “DAPPER” Dressing

By Definition:
Dapper (adjective)
(of a man) neat and trim in dress and appearance
“he looked very dapper in a dark silk suit”
Although Dapper was a very well used word in the English Dictionary during the 20s till the mid 60s, it has somehow disappeared from the urban language until of late, when the Streetstyle mania began. When a few years ago, it was hard to find a single young man walking around in a suit unless he was heading to a wedding, now it is THE Trend. And what not to like about a well dressed man that exudes character and finesse, and dresses to impress.
I think all men have it in them, their inner Mad Men character, but every one of them shows it in a different way. I am not saying that all men should suddenly become one of the Men in Black stars, but a little bit of care shown in the way they present their style is a huge plus that could reflect positively in more than one way in their life.
Here is my short guide on how to Dress Dapper:
1. Tailoring is everything: more than 90% of men buy their blazers and pants a size bigger than they need, and it comes in no surprise, since you can rarely find a perfect fit unless it is made for you. And as we all know, it is quite expensive to have all your clothes be made especially for you, but tailoring your existing wardrobe pieces to measure would cost you a minimal amount and you will have the wardrobe that fits you like a glove. So, find yourself a good Tailor, and you can thank me later.
2. Know your fabrics. This tip can seem pretty much straight forward, but it makes sense,trust me. I constantly hear men saying that they can only wear T-shirts during the warm weather, for one single reason, which is that they feel too hot to wear their vests and blazers on top of them. And this is partly true, but here is where the fabrics come to play, you have to know that Blazers come in different materials and fits that are made for  all the 4 seasons of the year. So, wear your Linen and Cotton Blazers during the hot and humid weather, and keep the Wool and Flannel ones for the months were you need that extra warmth. Another thing to remember, is that you have to avoid inner lined Blazers during the Summer, to stay cool and fresh.
3. Perfect your suit collection. One of the biggest mistakes that men make, is that they tend to stick to one cut that fits them and later buy all the colors available from the same series. Instead try to have a wider horizon and make interesting choices that would make your outfits more versatile and unique. You can play with different patterns, such as Pinstripe and Twill or even different cuts.
4. Know your buttons. This is pretty simple, all you have to do is remember the “Sometimes, Always, Never” rule when it comes to buttoning your suit. You can “sometimes” button up the first button, you “always” have to button the second one, and you “never” should button the last one. Golden rule, indeed.
5. Posh Pockets. Nothing can make your look more complete and dapper than adding a lovely silk scarf to your pocket. Instantly, this little detail transforms your look and give you the polished finish you want.

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Disclaimer: This is a post written especially for Joe’s Box blog , as a  guest Fashion Blogger.