Dancing Around :: WashedandFound x PlayingwithFashion

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We live in this perfect little world, where we dress perfect, eat perfect and simply act perfect. We have all become just a mere reflection of that perfect world that had been drawn for all of us throughout the social media and the TV. Without even thinking or deciding on our own, we follow the rules, we try our best in fitting in, but why are we doing so? Why do we have to stick to a certain style and not do what we want. We all have different takes on life, so why not listen to yourself first and do exactly what you want.

Enjoy your life and be spontaneous ….


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Washed and Found x Playingwithfashion #2

What I Wore:

Dress:Etoile Isabel Marant  (can be found on the Washed and Found website.)

On my lips : Woojoh LipStain

Location: L’Appartement in Ashrafieh, Beirut 

Photos by Lara Karam

You can check Washed and Found’s website to check all the amazing pieces they have (direct link here) and follow them on Instagram (@washedandfound) to be up to date with all their newest arrivals and how to style them.