Pink Makeup Tutorial Using the BLUSHED NUDES Palette from Maybelline

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As much as I love my Urban Decay Naked Palette, there comes a time when I want to experiment with colors and shades and create looks using something more exciting than the brown-y colors. I have thought a lot about purchasing the other Urban Decay Palettes, but wasn’t really sure whether I want to spend 60$ on a new one, when I know I am not going to fully use all the colors from either the Naked 2 or the Naked 3. Thankfully a lot of drugstore brands have given me the options and the variety I want without paying all that money and surprisingly the Maybelline palettes were really good value for the money.
So, I am not going to ramble a lot, when you can check the video down below and see for yourself how pigmented and nice the Blushed Palette is…




My Current Summer Makeup Look



I am back in my Makeup – Experimenting zone, and back to wearing some eyeshadows. I have been having a makeup detox as of late and was using the same products over and over again (because when it works, why change it?). But after binge watching every video Jeffree Star has posted on his channel, I decided it’s time again to get those palettes out and create some looks. In this video, I tried using my newest palette from TooFaced the “Semi-Sweet” Chocolate Bar and was super happy with the results. A full review with swatches are coming next week on the blog, so stick around.


Maybelline Matte Lipsticks : Review + Swatches


If you have been a long time reader of my blog, you might have gotten the idea that I am simply a Lipstick Junkie. I can never say No to a new color or a new collection or a new finish. I have to have them all and I need them now. After long years of trial and error, I have become a self-proclaimed expert on everything related to my lips, I know what works and what doesn’t and have found such amazing lipsticks that have become my holy-grail products that I feel the need to compare the new products to them. The new additions should be at least as good as my all-time favorites to stay in my permanent collection and go through a lot of trial on my behalf, so that I can know they are worth the talk.

As you may have guessed from the title, we are discussing the newest addition to the Maybelline lipstick family, the MATTE Lipsticks. I was drawn to the name itself, since I am the hugest fan of matte lipsticks an/or stains and prefer this finish to any other in the market. The only other finish I love is the Amplified one from MAC, that is creamy but very pigmented at the same time.

These lipsticks come in the Blue/Green packaging and come in around 12 shades (might be lying here, not really sure). The ones I have are the following:

Sequence 01.Still032


Sequence 01.Still044 copy


Sequence 01.Still059



Here is the general review of the Matte Lipsticks:

  • The color pay-off is superb, you get the color in the bullet from the first layer and it could be built-up for a more rich color.
  • The color choice in the collection is really impressing, you can find different shades of each color, thus making sure you could find the best shade for your skin tone.
  • The finish is actually not that Matte as I have hoped it to be, it is more similar to a creamy matte (amplified finish by MAC)
  • Since it is more creamy on the lips, it is not drying at all and sits very comfortably all day long
  • The wear time is about 3 to 4 hours, which is not bad considering its creamy finish
  • this is solely my opinion, but I think it would last longer and apply better when mixed with a lipliner.

In general, I was really impressed with this Collection and highly recommend you give it a go, especially if you are looking for an affordable rich-colored lipstick in the drugstore. The retail price is around 16,000 / 18,000 LL (around 12$) and could be found in all supermarkets and pharmacies.


You can catch my full and more detailed review on my Youtube Channel. Click the video down below.


MAC Vino Dupe for less


MAC lipliners are all the rage these days, from their most famous nudes (Soar…) to their Best-Seller Burgundy colors (Vino…), we all want to collect them and have them in our makeup bags. But since in Lebanon, MAC prices are pretty high (around 47,000 LL for each lipliner) you become very selective to the ones you choose to purchase from them. I have been on a hunt to find reasonably-priced Dupes that wouldn’t damage your wallet and that would give you the same (or even better)results.

For the Winter season, Dark Red, Burgundy and Wine lip colors are a must, so I got the MAC lipliner in VINO to pair it with my favorite red lipsticks for a more matte and precise look. And I think it is an amazing lip-liner that gives a decent, all-over the lip coverage, but unfortunately as it happens with all MAC liners, they dry up my lips, not severely but still not comfortable enough to wear on a daily basis. So, I was on a hunt to find the perfect dupe, and I found it. IMG_1195(1)

The PROVOC lip-liner in Wine Stained is an almost match to the VINO shade, but so much better in both the application and the staying power. For  the price of 8,000 LL it is an amazing deal and would recommend it to everyone. Plus, since it has a very creamy texture, it could be easily worn without a lipstick on top. IMG_1196(1)



Monthly Favorites <3


When I first started reading Beauty Blogs, I fancied the “Monthly Favorites” posts the most, since for me they really showed when a certain product was loved and left an impression. So, I would wait for that period of the month, when all the beauty gurus would talk about their favorite products and simply take notes for the future. Through this way, when I fancied buying a new moisturiser, for example, I would look through the recommendations scribbled down in my notepad and avoid buying stuff that would end up not useful or simply do not work as mentioned in the ad.

As a beauty lover and a blogger, I am lucky enough to be sent some products for consideration throughout the month,but that doesn’t mean that I write or talk about them just for the heck of mentioning a brand. I feel responsible towards my readers and make sure that everything written and said here  is 100% true and comes from deep inside, as if I am talking to my best friend or my sisters.

I am going to try to make this a permanent part of my blog, thus allowing you to maybe discover new gems that are worth investing in.

Here are my monthly favorites, in no particular order.

  1. PROVOC lipliner in number 21 “Sealed with a Kiss”. I have mentioned it quite a lot during the Summer, and even did a whole video with swatches dedicated to these amazing liners (you can check it here), but the number 21 is still my favorite and I have been using it non-stop (as you may have noticed from the image, it is getting pretty tiny)
  2. SAMOA compact powder foundation in P2*. Although it says ‘foundation’ in the name, it comes out very light at the same time, if used lightly with a big powder brush. I use it for setting my concealer, every single day, and it allows my makeup to stay put for longer hours. I haven’t tried using it as a proper foundation for one simple reason, which is that I do not wear foundation during the Summer heat.
  3.  SAMOA nail revitalizer “base coat” . Another holygrail product that I simply swear by. If you are suffering from weak and brittle nails, this product is a life-savour that makes your nails strong and healthy in a short period of time. (you can check the full review on it, here)
  4. ESSIE nailpolish in “Sugar Daddy”. I have been searching for that perfect pale pink shade for the longest time, and I have finally found it in Essie’s collection and have been wearing it non-stop. I must mention that it is quite a sheer formula, that requires 2-3 coats for an opaque color, but if you are looking a “barely there” hint of color, one coat is what the doctor ordered.
  5. BEESLINE brown tan dry feel oil “Dark Tan”*. I know that Summer is coming to an end, but we can still get those rays of sunshine for the whole month of September, so if you are still working on your tan, you have to check BEESLINE for their latest tanning collection (could be found in most pharmacies across the country). I loved the brown tan oil, and cannot wait for my vacation trip, to use it properly and get that TAN game on.
  6. KIEHL’S midnight recovery eye concentrate. I am not going to say a lot about this product, except that it is simply BRILLIANT. If you have been suffering from dark circles an puffiness under your eyes, then this product is for you. And if you combine it with the Midnight recovery concentrate you will have a bulletproof night-time routine.
  7. LANCOME la nuit tresor perfume*. Perfumes are simply my weakness, and I love trying out new ones, but I rarely fall in love with most of them. But, this newest perfume form Lancome is a perfect combination of sexy and sweet that is perfect for wearing during the day and the night. A winner in my opinion. Plus, if you were a fan of their original Tresor perfume, you would certainly love this one.
  8. BATH&BODY WORKS candle “Farmstand Apple”. I love candles, and I love this one, a lot.


You can watch my favorites’ video here:



(*) : This product was sent to me for consideration, all thoughts mentioned are my own. This is not a sponsored post.