Pink Makeup Tutorial Using the BLUSHED NUDES Palette from Maybelline

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As much as I love my Urban Decay Naked Palette, there comes a time when I want to experiment with colors and shades and create looks using something more exciting than the brown-y colors. I have thought a lot about purchasing the other Urban Decay Palettes, but wasn’t really sure whether I want to spend 60$ on a new one, when I know I am not going to fully use all the colors from either the Naked 2 or the Naked 3. Thankfully a lot of drugstore brands have given me the options and the variety I want without paying all that money and surprisingly the Maybelline palettes were really good value for the money.
So, I am not going to ramble a lot, when you can check the video down below and see for yourself how pigmented and nice the Blushed Palette is…




Maybelline Matte Lipsticks : Review + Swatches


If you have been a long time reader of my blog, you might have gotten the idea that I am simply a Lipstick Junkie. I can never say No to a new color or a new collection or a new finish. I have to have them all and I need them now. After long years of trial and error, I have become a self-proclaimed expert on everything related to my lips, I know what works and what doesn’t and have found such amazing lipsticks that have become my holy-grail products that I feel the need to compare the new products to them. The new additions should be at least as good as my all-time favorites to stay in my permanent collection and go through a lot of trial on my behalf, so that I can know they are worth the talk.

As you may have guessed from the title, we are discussing the newest addition to the Maybelline lipstick family, the MATTE Lipsticks. I was drawn to the name itself, since I am the hugest fan of matte lipsticks an/or stains and prefer this finish to any other in the market. The only other finish I love is the Amplified one from MAC, that is creamy but very pigmented at the same time.

These lipsticks come in the Blue/Green packaging and come in around 12 shades (might be lying here, not really sure). The ones I have are the following:

Sequence 01.Still032


Sequence 01.Still044 copy


Sequence 01.Still059



Here is the general review of the Matte Lipsticks:

  • The color pay-off is superb, you get the color in the bullet from the first layer and it could be built-up for a more rich color.
  • The color choice in the collection is really impressing, you can find different shades of each color, thus making sure you could find the best shade for your skin tone.
  • The finish is actually not that Matte as I have hoped it to be, it is more similar to a creamy matte (amplified finish by MAC)
  • Since it is more creamy on the lips, it is not drying at all and sits very comfortably all day long
  • The wear time is about 3 to 4 hours, which is not bad considering its creamy finish
  • this is solely my opinion, but I think it would last longer and apply better when mixed with a lipliner.

In general, I was really impressed with this Collection and highly recommend you give it a go, especially if you are looking for an affordable rich-colored lipstick in the drugstore. The retail price is around 16,000 / 18,000 LL (around 12$) and could be found in all supermarkets and pharmacies.


You can catch my full and more detailed review on my Youtube Channel. Click the video down below.


I chose to speak Arabic on Youtube!

In the predominant world of social media, blogs and youtube, we have all become wholly or partly involved in this vast, vast world. Some of us have just started yesterday and some of us were one of the first ones to delve into the unknown . Long gone were the days, when people thought that your “fashion” blog is a place where you sell clothes, or simply something similar to Facebook. It is such a different world for bloggers these days, since people and companies really acknowledge the power of writing and social influence (well at least in places other than Lebanon, but we are on a good track ladies and gentlemen, hopefully we could keep up with the world in a couple of years).

When I first got the courage to finally launch my blog, about 3 years ago, I knew that it’s going to be in english, since blogging is all about uniting the world and making it easy for all the readers from around the globe communicate and support each other. Since English isn’t my strongest language, I sometimes feel myself trying too hard to get the words out of my head, but since my blog is about fashion and beauty, I think you can excuse some of my Grammar mistakes. But it is actually OK to not have a perfectly written Fashion blog, since most of the people come for photography and style inspiration, and the writing is similar to a background, significant in its function, but quite dispensable. But that is only my opinion and my take on Fashion Blogging.

As my blog grew, I grew with it, and I needed to give more and so my youtube channel was created. Although I thought it would be similar to running my blog, filming and posting videos online is by far more nerve-recking and time consuming than I have ever imagined, but at the same time it is more giving and make you become closer to your readers. One of the main things I get asked about my Youtube channel is why I chose to speak arabic, but why shouldn’t I? I am Lebanese and my native language is arabic, so for me it makes a total sense, don’t you think? Plus, I think there are enough english-speaking channels in this world, so I will spare my addition to the equation.

The main reason I have started my youtube channel, was because I was tired of seeing other girls talking about products we don’t even have in our country, so I wanted to be that person who can tell you where to buy stuff that are easily accessible to each and every one living in Lebanon or at least in the Arab world. I am proud of being Lebanese and proud of speaking Arabic, so why should I change and start talking in English? I wouldn’t be able to be my true self, since I do not speak english with my close friends and family. My channel is the real me, the real Maya! A girl you may meet on the street or in your local Beauty Store ( I seem to be living there sometimes).

This is not a rant post, this is me, simply stating the facts, and encouraging others to build up a Lebanese Youtube community, so we can all grow together and show the world, who we truly are.


If you haven’t seen any of my videos yet, here are a couple of my suggestions :







My EVERYDAY Makeup Tutorial {video}

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I am a total makeup-lovin’ person and I am PROUD of it. I may have a slight obsession in collecting a huge amount of makeup products, but this is just who I am; a person who loves Choices. I can never be that person who can use only one blush at a time or has one shade of a red lipstick. It’s excessive, I know, but it’s what I like and I am not ashamed to say it.

Although I try a lot of different products, I can positively say which are the ones I use the most by looking inside my daily makeup bag. For most of the days, when I am doing my makeup in the morning, I tend to use my most trusted products and thus making them simply must-haves.

Check this video below, which I filmed for my Youtube channel to find all my favorite products at the moment and to see them in action. This look has been my Go-To makeup at the moment, so let me know what you think of this look and which products could be found in your daily routine?



The Reasons I Prefer Youtube to Blogging

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I am having so much fun filming for my Youtube Channel (you can check it out here), and I am so happy to get all the positive reaction from around the social media. Although I have been an active blogger for almost 3 years now, youtube is very different from writing posts. Since people do hear your voice, they get more attached to the person behind the camera. It happens to me all the time, I watch a lot of youtubers, but there are only little of them who speak close to my heart.

With still images you get to see a certain part that a blogger wants to show you, in youtube people can get to know more about your character from the way you talk and the way you present yourself. Of course, you won’t know the person fully, but still youtubers are more vulnerable and it’s fine with me, since I want to be honest and real with my readers and I enjoy showing this part of me. The whole blogging and youtube journey allowed me to open-up as a person and learn new things about myself. I can say that I was a very shy person that couldn’t handle herself in public in a new group of people, and I actually found it very hard to express what’s on my mind to people who I’ve met for the first time. With the blogging thing, I was pushed to face my fears with all the events that I attended and the people i’ve met during those years.

I am so grateful to what has come from blogging and I can’t wait to see what the new “YouTube” window opens to me.

With my channel you would see more of Maya as a person and not as a Blogger, I am planning on filming a lot of talkative videos in addition to the regular Fashion and Beauty Reviews, so stay tuned to a lot more.

You can check my latest video where I answer questions left on my instagram page and maybe you would know a little more about me.