When in Manarola


And I am back from Italy, (insert ūüė¶ sad face here ) and all I can say that it was beautiful beyond any of my expectations. From the people, to the nature, to the culture, to every other single detail, Italy, you made me fall in love with you. Although this post is an outfit post, I think I would do another post this week to showcase some of the amazing things we did and saw during our round of Italy, so stay tuned for more.

I wasn’t intending on taking any specific outfit posts during my vacation, because I simply wanted to enjoy my time and not worry about getting dressed for pictures, but when you are in the capitol of Fashion (seriously are all Italians born with style?? ) you start dressing up effortlessly everyday. For a walk around Manarola (Cinque Terre) I opted for a classic black on black look with a pop of color, since you know me and how much I love my colors… Plus, I am slightly obsessed with these sunnies from ZARA, aren’t they gorgeous?? ¬†_MG_0361 _MG_0402 _MG_0410 _MG_0433 _MG_0442 _MG_0534 _MG_0350_MG_0406_MG_9179


What I Wore:

Top + Sunglasses + Jacket : ZARA | Jeans: GS Stores | Bag: Furla | Watch: Daniel Wellington| Earrings: Mango | Listick: M.A.C. Ruby Woo


Photos by Sleiman Sbeih (@KframeLB)


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

LOOK3 (3)LOOK3 (1) LOOK3 (2) LOOK3 (4) LOOK3 (5) LOOK3 (6)

We all have those days or even weeks, when we just want to go out with our girlfriends and just have a little bit of fun. You forget about your work and your responsibilities, put on the most outrageous pink coat (because why not? ) and hit the dance floors with your girls.

You live once, so why not live it to the fullest ???

What I Wore:

Dress + Faux Fur: GS Stores | Necklace: Marella

Photography: Betty from BetKet Photography (follow on Instagram @betketphoto)

Location: Thank you Hilton Beirut for allowing us to shoot in your beautiful room, you really gave these photos the atmosphere we were looking for.

Monochromatic – “ish”

_MG_0035_MG_0024 _MG_0023 _MG_0028 _MG_0031 _MG_0034 _MG_0037_MG_9999_MG_0013_MG_0015_MG_0020


Monochromatic looks are all the range these days, where all the bloggers look absolutely fantastic in head-to-toe grey, black or white ensembles. You may think it is a very easy look to copy, since it is only one color, so how hard could that be? Well, let me assure you, that it is pretty hard. When building an outfit with one color only, you have to play with different other elements to bring interest to the look. From texture, to fabric to different degradation of color, a lot of things have to be taken into consideration to make “monochromatic” work.

For a color-loving girl, monochromatic looks are hard to apply, so I need to add a little bit of color to make them work for me. For this outfit, I paired a sleeveless wool jumper with a ruffled skirt, to play with textures and added some color with the sneakers and the bag. The colors are not too bold, so for me they still fit in the one-color category.


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What I Wore:

Top: Vero Moda | Skirt: Bershka | Sneakers: Adidas | Bag: ZARA | Necklace: Topshop

To HIKE or not to HIKE?


This isn’t going to be a post dedicated solely to fashion, where I would be talking about why I chose a certain outfit and what is trending this season, instead this is a post dedicated to finding inner peace and living the moment. I have always struggled with staying fit, and I know a lot of people would be thinking what struggles am I talking about since I am skinny, but being skinny isn’t being fit, it’s just my good metabolism. Over the years, I have tried everything from enrolling to gym, to TRX classes, to simply running, but I couldn’t stick to any routine for more that a couple of months. For me these exercises were too monotonous and didn’t get me excited for more. After years of struggle, I think I have found my type of exercise and it is HIKING.¬†_MG_9666

There’s nothing more fulfilling than spending your day, admiring the nature around you and discovering new places that you once thought were out of your reach. When I was first invited to the Laklouk hiking trip, I knew it was something I would quite enjoy, but I didn’t know it would actually make me more relaxed and at ease than all the vacations I took this year.¬†We spent 3 hours, climbing and walking through the hills of the Laklouk area, those 3 hours¬†somehow felt like 10 mins and days long at the same time. Weird! I know, but once you are surrounded by nothing but nature, you forget all your problems you had at home and just breathe.

If you haven’t visited the Laklouk area, I would highly recommend it, and please share with me your suggestions for my next HIKE ūüėÄ Enjoy the view.¬†_MG_9737 copy_MG_9661_MG_9691_MG_9639 copy_MG_9740_MG_9746_MG_9794_MG_9745_MG_9821


What I Wore: HIKING

Top: ZARA (similar) | Shirt: MAX (similar) | Jeans: Topshop Leighs (similar) | Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren (similar)

I am BACK!


This isn’t going to be a post where I¬†would try to explain my absence for 2 weeks from the blogging world, since I simply do not have the answer to that. My absence wasn’t because I was lacking motivation or because I didn’t have enough posts to cover the week, I was just tired. Tired from running around to events, tired from starting a new job and tired of not having time dedicated to¬†myself. Please, do not get me wrong on this matter, I love blogging and everything it gives to me, it just happens to all of us I think, when we need to shut down and do nothing in particular. But, now I am back on track, and I miss¬†my blog like hell, so you would be seeing a lot of new posts pretty soon and new videos on my youtube channel (yes, I wasn’t posting on there, too )

Now back to the photo; I wanted to take more photos from my short vacation to cyprus, especially what I wore to the wedding, but it didn’t happen ūüė¶ . Everything was moving too fast, and I was left with only my IPhone photos, but I still wanted to share it on the blog. I went for a very simple look, and wore this Raspberry Red dress with Gold Sandals and a Pearl Headband and was very happy with the overall look, although I put it all together the last minute before the flight. ‚̧

What I Wore:

Dress: Bershka | Sandals: Springfield | Bag: Mango | Headband: ZARA