Men’s Accessories :: ARMCANDY Edition

The reason why girls love their accessories so much, is that they allow us to show-off another side of us or create a certain mood in an otherwise simple look. You can be wearing the same t-shirt and jeans but turn them into different looks every time, by switching up the accessories. So it’s pretty normal to see a girl wearing lots of necklaces and bracelets on a regular basis, and these days the accessories trend is dominating the Men’s World as well.

One of the most exciting accessory trend for this season is the Bracelet mix and stacking process. From wearing simple, single stranded bracelets to going bold with a full armcandy, stylish men everywhere are getting into this trend that I hope would last. In my opinion, accessories really make a statement and actually allow you to play around with your style and personal mood at any given moment.

In the charts below, you can check all the different types of bracelets and some simple inspirations on how to mix&match them like a pro.

1.beaded2.leather 3.metal 4.paired with a watch 5.Mix and match


Disclaimer: This is a post written especially for Joe’s Box blog , as a  guest Fashion Blogger. 


Men’s Fashion :: PRINTS Edition

We all have those days, when we look into our overflowing wardrobes and still find nothing to wear. This may be due to the lack of versatility in your closet or even the monotonous color selection, either way the easiest solution for this matter is introducing PRINTS to your closet.

Some men get intimidated by the printed pieces they find in stores, but I can assure you there is nothing frightful there. All you have to do is find the print that speaks to you, since there are a lot to choose from. If you are still a “Print Newbie” I suggest you go for the classic Checkered and Stripes prints, but if you are the adventurous type a Floral or Paisley Designs are perfect for spicing out your outfit.

OUTERWEAR-prints edition SCARVES-prints edition SHIRTS-prints edition SOCKS-prints edition SWEATERS-prints edition

What you have to remember when wearing prints is that you have to try and stick to colors you usually wear and like, so rather than picking a bright pink striped shirt go for a Denim and White PolkaDots instead, thus making the transition into the “Print World” a lot easier.

Another advice is to start Small, instead of buying a Striped Coat go for a Polka Dots Scarf and see how you get along with adding the print to your everyday wear. Baby steps are always the best solution.

Disclaimer: This is a post written especially for Joe’s Box blog , as a  guest Fashion Blogger. 



What Does LOVE Mean To You?

VeilLOVE … such a short word that has a never-ending meaning.

People dedicate so much time to finding their second-half that they sometimes do not see all the love surrounding them. In their quest for finding LOVE they simply forget to love themselves, which is the most important matter. How can someone give you love when you can not experience it yourself.PrettyOn-the-RailFront-BackBack-RailThrough-CurtainsHold-meBack-on-wallBack-front-2

Although I am pretty lucky to have met my soulmate in the early university days, I still appreciate all the love surrounding me from Family and Friends and I try to dedicate a part of my love to them, too. So, during this Valentine season share the love with the people that matter and simply enjoy your day without stressing out too much about having a date or what dress you are going to wear.Look-at-me


What I Wore: Skirt + Top + Blazer : GS Stores | Heels: Rockport (GS stores) | Necklace: Topshop | Earrings: ZARA |

What He Wore: Shirt + Sweater + Jeans: Springfield (GS Stores) | Shoes : GEOX | Watch: Calvin Klein | Glasses : Dolce&Gabbana |

Photos by Hsein Kazma | Edited by K-Frame Creative Agency

Special Thanks to  Hilton Hotel Habtoor for having us and treating us like royals in their KING ROYAL SUITE. We had such a relaxing time and enjoyed an amazing Valentine’s Dinner at the Le CIEL Restaurant. Their Chef Michele Deeb is an artist and the food we had can not be explained with simple words. If you are still looking for something to surprise your other half with, look out for their Valentine Special Offers and enjoy your day in Luxury.  


Men’s Edition :: The Casual Look

Image 7Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Image 5 Image 6 Image 8 Image 9 Image 10


The “What He Wore” category is back on track, and hopefully this time it is back for good.

From my guest posts on Joe’s Box to my friends in real life, a lot of people have been really getting interested in Men’s Fashion around and for a good reason it is. Long days have passed since men couldn’t be bothered with either fashion or styling, and now are the days where the Men’s Fashion Week is getting closer to reaching the same peak of popularity as the women’s .

For me, men’s fashion shouldn’t be about over-doing it with extreme prints and styles, it’s all about the balance of the colors and texture and creating an outfit that reflects their inner state of mind.

You can never go wrong with the perfect Winter Quilted Jacket that adds a casual spirit to the otherwise very classic look. And it is always nice seeing guys who go for lighter shades and colors instead of their typical Greys and Blacks. Combining this Beige Jacket with the grey sweater and the brown pants creates a very earthy palette that is bullet-proof and goes for all occasions. So, next time when you are looking for an update in your winter closet, go for the Quilted Jacket and you will be satisfied with how versatile and convenient it is for styling.


What He Wore: Jacket + Pants : ZARA | Sweater: GAP | Shirt: Ted Baker | Shoes: ALDO | Watch : CK | Sunglasses: RayBan.