Monochromatic – “ish”

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Monochromatic looks are all the range these days, where all the bloggers look absolutely fantastic in head-to-toe grey, black or white ensembles. You may think it is a very easy look to copy, since it is only one color, so how hard could that be? Well, let me assure you, that it is pretty hard. When building an outfit with one color only, you have to play with different other elements to bring interest to the look. From texture, to fabric to different degradation of color, a lot of things have to be taken into consideration to make “monochromatic” work.

For a color-loving girl, monochromatic looks are hard to apply, so I need to add a little bit of color to make them work for me. For this outfit, I paired a sleeveless wool jumper with a ruffled skirt, to play with textures and added some color with the sneakers and the bag. The colors are not too bold, so for me they still fit in the one-color category.


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What I Wore:

Top: Vero Moda | Skirt: Bershka | Sneakers: Adidas | Bag: ZARA | Necklace: Topshop


Summer In The Metropolitan


When GS stores contacted me to be a part of their blogger’s program I was quite hesitant, since I didn’t want it to be a Show-and-Tell kind of posts. I wanted my posts to have a story. And what better way to collaborate with GS than showing the beauty of Lebanon at the same time?

So, what you are going to see every week on Playingwithfashion X GS collaboration is different parts of Lebanon and different activities that can be done during the summertime.

As a first post, we are showing the Summer in the Metropolitan with the cool and independent woman, that knows exactly what she wants and dresses in  modern and clean cuts.

This Summer it is all about the monochromatic sporty look, so get your slouchy pants out of your closets and pair them with minimalistic pair of heels for the perfect Modern City Vibe.

Stay Tuned for the new Summer in Lebanon post next Thursday 😀

What I wore:

Top + Pants + Bag: GS stores | Heels+Ncklace: Topshop | Lipstick: MAC UpTheAmp 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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Shades of Grey


No I am not a fan of the book (based on the title) or ever read it, I think it is far away from my beloved reading list. But, still I like the title and the sound of the book, plus it was my inspiration for dressing up this morning.

If you already know me and my style, you should figure it out by now that I am not a fan of monochromatic looks, but since this is a challenge, I want to step up from my comfort zone and do something anti-MAYA (no polka dots here :P)  thus creating a totally grey look, except for the bag 😛

and happy weekend everyone 😀


What I wore:

Top: H&M | Skirt: Vero Moda | Coat: ZARA | Belt: Handmade | Booties: Call it Spring | Sunglasses: Tom Ford


Hello There Lovelies!

One of the biggest trends this season is the Monochromatic look. So, that’s what I decided to wear the other day, by combining  my favorite Gap Pants with this print blouse. As you have noticed, I can’t live without some color in my life, that’s why I wore my Red Mega Heels.

What do you think of the Monochr0matic Looks? Would you wear it this season?1 2 3 4 5 6 7What I wore:

Pants: Gap, Blouse: H&M, Heels: Local Boutique, Bag: GS

Monochrome Red

Happy Monday!!!

After a week of pretty good weather, the heat wave showed itself once more, for the last time before the true autumn weather (please hurry , because I want to wear boots 😦 ).

This is the outfit I am wearing today. It’s the first time that I managed to take some pictures before work. I think I am gonna try it more often, since after work I have my gym hours and when I leave it is already dark , thus no photos lately.  Regarding the outfit, I was going for  a monochromatic look – kind of – as you can see it is mostly red with a touch of nude here and there.
What I am wearing:

Top: Mango (old) , Bottom: Pull & Bear, Bag: Mango, Belt: Zara, Flats: Moustache, Accessories: Spring, Iam.