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This is a short story, about a girl finding her perfect dress…

We all have different perceptions of our perfect dress, how it is supposed to look, to feel and hug your buddy. With my figure (I am quite short and not that curvy), I find it hard to find dresses that would not overwhelm me, but instead let me shine. I love my dresses to be very loose and light. I look for silk materials and clean lines. As much as I like my puffy skirts, there’s something so sexy in wearing a dress that drapes around your body and doesn’t hide your natural curves. These types of dresses allow you to move and dance and not worry about anything.

I have found my perfect dress, have you???


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Washed and Found x Playingwithfashion #4

What I Wore:

Dress + Earrings + Heels can be found on the Washed and Found website.

On my lips : Woojoh LipStain

Location: L’Appartement in Ashrafieh, Beirut 

Photos by Lara Karam

You can check Washed and Found’s website to check all the amazing pieces they have (direct link here) and follow them on Instagram (@washedandfound) to be up to date with all their newest arrivals and how to style them.


Monochromatic – “ish”

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Monochromatic looks are all the range these days, where all the bloggers look absolutely fantastic in head-to-toe grey, black or white ensembles. You may think it is a very easy look to copy, since it is only one color, so how hard could that be? Well, let me assure you, that it is pretty hard. When building an outfit with one color only, you have to play with different other elements to bring interest to the look. From texture, to fabric to different degradation of color, a lot of things have to be taken into consideration to make “monochromatic” work.

For a color-loving girl, monochromatic looks are hard to apply, so I need to add a little bit of color to make them work for me. For this outfit, I paired a sleeveless wool jumper with a ruffled skirt, to play with textures and added some color with the sneakers and the bag. The colors are not too bold, so for me they still fit in the one-color category.


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What I Wore:

Top: Vero Moda | Skirt: Bershka | Sneakers: Adidas | Bag: ZARA | Necklace: Topshop

Prepping For Fall


With the cold weather right around the corner, it is time to consider some elements that would add that needed amount of warmth and color to your wardrobe. For me, Fall is all about the orange color, from the light orange to the deep burnt one, it simply reminds me of the falling leaves and the change in color of the beautiful nature surrounding us. Another thing that adds interest to any look is Texture. What makes fall so interesting is the ability to combine different materials together to create an overall look that would make you warm and fuzzy inside, even if it is still 30 degrees outside, a girl can dream, couldn’t she?

There are no specific rules for creating the perfect Fall outfit, since we all vary in taste and preferences, but the 3 elements that I consider to be must-haves for the upcoming season, are SUEDE, GOLD ACCESSORIES and Snake Skin Shoes. _MG_9491_MG_9475_MG_9492_MG_94751_MG_9484_MG_9512_MG_9523_MG_9495_MG_9489

What I Wore:

Dress: ZARA | Bag + Shoes + Scarf + Accessories + Sunglasses: PARFOIS*

Check their Facebook page (here) and follow them on Instaram @parfoislb


(*) : This is a Sponsored post by Parfois. All the styling, selections and ideas are my own.

#BBQ 101 :: or What To Wear To A BBQ

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When the sun starts shining again, it can only mean one thing – BBQ time. I usually get excited for having people over at our house for a little food therapy, but this time we were invited to my fellow blogger’s BBQ in Batroun instead. And since she is a food blogger, BBQ means business. Lynn and her husband Jean are behind one of Lebanon’s Best Food Blogs, Bread On Butter, so I was expecting something bigger than your typical Kebab’s and Chicken, and I was right. It was a feast in my opinion, from the spicy marinated chicken to Shrimps to Calamars to Mini Burgers, everything I tried was on point.

You can check all the food pictures on Lynn’s blog www.breadonbutter.com 

As for my outfit, I am pretty much leaning towards monochromatic outfits, and subconsciously wore head to toe shades of Blue (maybe I should have named this post 50 Shades of Blue). Anyway, I think comfort is a key, since you have to enjoy ALL the food provided by the host (nothing goes to waste), second you should be wearing flats to be the first one reaching the grill for the batch of burgers.

All in all, this outfit is a combination of old favorites that will always be a staple in my closet.

and How was your Saturday??

What I Wore:

Tshirt: ZARA | Chambray Shirt: ZARA TRF | Jeans: Pull&Bear | Shoes: H&M | Sunglasses: ALDO | Necklace: Accessorize


The Casual Way :: Styling a Pencil Skirt

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I remember those days when I was back in my university days, you could see me running around the campus in my jeans and a loose Tshirt. You could never have caught me wearing a skirt. It’s not that I wasn’t girly enough, it was a matter of comfort. For me, skirts were high-maintenance and too much fuss. But somehow over the years, my Skirt Collection started to slowly grow and now it dominates my wardrobe.

I have learnt over these years that even skirts could be dressed up and down in the matter of your liking. With the right accessories and pairing you could change your entire look and make yourself comfortable even in pencil skirts.

What I wore:

Top : ZARA | Skirt: ZARA(old) | Shoes: Converse | Necklace: Primadonna | Bag: M2

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