Summer Recap


With a glimpse of an eye, this Summer is over. And although it might seem from the lack of constant posting on the blog, it was not as eventful as the previous one, but I can assure it was the opposite for me. So, much happened during these 3 months and maybe that was why I couldn’t find the proper time to sit down and write a post.

I am super excited for the upcoming months, since I have a lot of new projects and exciting collaborations lined up, and would like to dedicate this post as a reflection to this amazing Summer that was full of big dates for me.

So, here is a list of what has been going on:

  • In May, I got back to work after a 5 months hiatus, and was fully emerged into the new work environment.
  • My Best Friend got engaged, and we started preparing for her upcoming wedding that would happen in Cyprus.
  • We traveled to Cyprus with all our friends and witnessed 2 amazing people finally getting married and joining their life together.
  • We had the hottest Summer in Beirut, so shooting outfits outside were a full-on torture, so I have cancelled this idea totally and kept wearing my denim shorts and loose tshirts most days of the week.
  • In mid July, my second Best Friend announced that she was moving back to Lebanon from Australia, to (guess what?) get married (so the second wedding preparation has begun).
  • As most people might have already heard from the news, Lebanon isn’t the most peaceful place on Earth  nor the most Glamourous these days (we have our garbage crisis, which is still pending after 2 months of negotiations), but we still love it and hope for a better future for all of us, thus I was proudly supporting the people behind the #YouStink campaign and felt weird posting about fashion and beauty when my country was a wreck.
  • But, I couldn’t stay away from my blog for far too long, I was longing for that time I spent on my laptop sharing my thoughts and ideas with all these people around the world, so I have decided to get back to my happy place and forget about the outside world.

Let’s say goodbye to Summer and welcome Fall!


What I Wore:

Shorts: ZARA | Top: Pull&Bear | Shoes: Superga | Necklace: from Cyprus









Love by the Beach


It feels like it was just yesterday, when we were celebrating the beginning of Summer, and here we are on the 1st of September feeling betrayed that somehow these 3 months slipped away right in front of us. We all know, that officially it is still Summer till the 21st of September, but the end of August would always bring out the blues (still from the School Days 😛 )

With the long summer days coming to an end, I am trying to take advantage of every single moment and spend it outside, enjoying the sea and the nature. This is the second post dedicated to the beautiful Batroun sea, and I simply cannot get enough of the surreal calmness and coolness that this place gives me. (Thank you @breadonbutter_ for making me welcome in your hometown once again)

One of the biggest advantages of the early Fall months is the cooler weather that we get, so I am all for the layering style as seen in the look I have chosen for Lynn’s birthday barbecue,last weekend (check Lynn’s blog:
_MG_9383 _MG_9364 _MG_9376_MG_9411_MG_9424 _MG_9381 _MG_9407 _MG_9345 _MG_9429


What I Wore:

Top: Jujule Lemonie | Shorts: ZARA | Shirt: TOPMAN (borrowed from the husband) | Sandals: ZARA | Sunglasses: ZARA


P.S. a lot of beauty posts coming later this week, so pass by soon 😀

Waiting For Something …


Bus-Wait-2 Bus-Wait-3 Bus-Wait-4 Bus-Wait-5 Bus-Wait-6 Bus-Wait-7 Bus-Wait-8


What I Wore:

Shirt: Topshop | Skirt: Cotton On | Bag: ZARA | BowTie: Mrs.BowTie* (found in Virgin Megastore) | Flats: Topshop last season| Watch: Daniel Wellington Watches

Photos+Editing: K-Frame Creative Agency 


This is one of these posts, where I am showing you an outfit of the day and talking about something completely different. I know it’s bad, but I cannot seem to bring my thoughts together ad write something creative about what I am wearing. All that I’ve got is that; one, I like polka dots and two, I still can’t believe I have been rocking this skirt from COTTON ON for the 3rd Summer in a row, and it only cost me 21,000 LL . Now that’s what I call a bargain shopping expertise. Although, I have to say that I need to buy another one, because I don’t think it would still be in perfect shape for the next year.

Have you ever had that one piece in your wardrobe that somehow stays from one clean to the other??



Sporty Monochrome



First of All, thank you all for watching and liking my Summer Lookbook from the last post. All your support made me really excited to film them on a regular basis.

Now to the look, this season it’s all about the monochrome look and I am finally getting the hand of it. It’s so easy to pair and instantly you get a CHIC outfit. You can stick to a totally mono look, but I wasn’t really into that, so I added pop of White with the clutch and the necklace, and Spiced things up with a cute Floral Print with the shoes. and BAMMM with no real effort you get a total magazine feel ( fingers crossed you feel the same 😀 )

G60A0103 G60A0112 G60A01010


Photos taken by the lovely HSEIN KAZMA which is a total babe that I think you would see a lot of his photos from now on 😀

What I wore:

Top: Zara | Pants: Mango | Shoes: H&M | Necklace: Zara | Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren | Clutch: Zara TRF

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My Summer Lookbook ft Duniati Channel


With the Summer Season in full throttle, it seemed quite appropriate to do a Lookbook of my favorite things to wear or my most worn styles.

The looks that I chose were my favorite this summer, and i have been wearing these pieces to death. The styles range from sportym to casual, to the super feminine, but all with a twist.

It is always an amazing feeling of being able to play around with your clothes and really understand how the DETAILS really matter in making any outfit POP.

So, which look is your favorite ?

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