A Glimpse of a Getaway

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We all have those days, when nothing is going as planned and you feel tired. In this case, a vacation is the first that comes to my mind, since all I want to do is forget my daily routine and simply relax. But you cannot take a vacation whenever you are feeling down ( unless you can, lucky you ), instead I treat myself to a weekend getaway around Lebanon, and believe me when I say there are a lot of amazing and beautiful places all around our beloved country. Whether you are a sea lover or a nature explorer, Lebanon offers something for you, too.

So, for my birthday last month we decided to head to Amchit and celebrate there, and it was actually the best decision ever. I loved the private pool area, the surrounding blue water and the fresh air and came back home more energized and totally relaxed.

I hope you are enjoying your Summer and stay tuned for a lot of posts to come ❤


What I am Wearing:

Jumpsuit + Sandals: ZARA | Sunglasses: D&G

Photos: Hamza Shamas 

Location: Camping Les Colombes Amchit


Fashionable PICNIC or Simply: What To Wear To A Picnic


picnic (5)As I have mentioned in my previous post, on Monday, I have teamed up with my favorite Food Blogger and my Friend Lynn from Bread on Butter to bring you something fresh and unique for you to be inspired by. We have decided to collaborate and mix the two things we are most passionate about: FASHION and FOOD. With the help of Betty from BetKet Photography, we headed towards the Bekaa Valley to search for the perfect spot for our PICNIC. After a lot of search we finally found what we were looking and simply enjoyed our time.

We have divided this post into two parts between my blog and Lynn’s. Here you can find my Fashionable interpretation of what to wear to picnic, and on “Bread on Butter” you could find the ingredients to a successful and yummy Picnic.

Since we enjoyed our time in planning and preparing for this post, we are hoping this is just going to be the beginning! Stay tuned for more pretty soon and Enjoy the pictures.

picnic (6) picnic (7) picnic (8) picnic (9)picnic (1)

picnic (3) picnic (2) picnic (4) picnic (10) picnic (11) picnic (12) picnic (13) picnic (14) picnic (15) picnic (16)



Outfit 1:

Top + Pants: Jujule Lemonie | Necklace: Accessorize | Bracelet: Vintage

Outfit 2:

Dress: MANGO (2015) | Bracelets: Forever 21 + Promod | Watch: CK

Outfit 3: 

Dress: Kira Plastinina | Earrings: Jujule Lemonie | Watch: Michael Kors | Bracelet: GAS bijoux

Outfit 4:

Top + Pants: Jujule Lemonie | Sunglasses: ZARA | Bag: Coach


And here is the team ::