Prepping For Fall


With the cold weather right around the corner, it is time to consider some elements that would add that needed amount of warmth and color to your wardrobe. For me, Fall is all about the orange color, from the light orange to the deep burnt one, it simply reminds me of the falling leaves and the change in color of the beautiful nature surrounding us. Another thing that adds interest to any look is Texture. What makes fall so interesting is the ability to combine different materials together to create an overall look that would make you warm and fuzzy inside, even if it is still 30 degrees outside, a girl can dream, couldn’t she?

There are no specific rules for creating the perfect Fall outfit, since we all vary in taste and preferences, but the 3 elements that I consider to be must-haves for the upcoming season, are SUEDE, GOLD ACCESSORIES and Snake Skin Shoes. _MG_9491_MG_9475_MG_9492_MG_94751_MG_9484_MG_9512_MG_9523_MG_9495_MG_9489

What I Wore:

Dress: ZARA | Bag + Shoes + Scarf + Accessories + Sunglasses: PARFOIS*

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(*) : This is a Sponsored post by Parfois. All the styling, selections and ideas are my own.


Love by the Beach


It feels like it was just yesterday, when we were celebrating the beginning of Summer, and here we are on the 1st of September feeling betrayed that somehow these 3 months slipped away right in front of us. We all know, that officially it is still Summer till the 21st of September, but the end of August would always bring out the blues (still from the School Days 😛 )

With the long summer days coming to an end, I am trying to take advantage of every single moment and spend it outside, enjoying the sea and the nature. This is the second post dedicated to the beautiful Batroun sea, and I simply cannot get enough of the surreal calmness and coolness that this place gives me. (Thank you @breadonbutter_ for making me welcome in your hometown once again)

One of the biggest advantages of the early Fall months is the cooler weather that we get, so I am all for the layering style as seen in the look I have chosen for Lynn’s birthday barbecue,last weekend (check Lynn’s blog:
_MG_9383 _MG_9364 _MG_9376_MG_9411_MG_9424 _MG_9381 _MG_9407 _MG_9345 _MG_9429


What I Wore:

Top: Jujule Lemonie | Shorts: ZARA | Shirt: TOPMAN (borrowed from the husband) | Sandals: ZARA | Sunglasses: ZARA


P.S. a lot of beauty posts coming later this week, so pass by soon 😀

Seeing Double or Simply How To Mix Prints

_MG_8124 _MG_8136 _MG_8137_MG_8128 _MG_8161 _MG_8163_MG_8121 _MG_8169


Well as you may have guessed from the title ( and the pictures 😛 ) the prints are back. As much as I am into very minimalistic looks as of late, the real print-lover inside me, comes out to play once in a while. I simply love wearing prints when I am feeling in need to spice up my look. Although it may seem hard at first to style two different prints together, it is actually very simple. All you have to do is to follow these simple rules:

– make sure that the two prints are of a similar color or shade, since you do not want to overwhelm the look with both Print Mix & Color Block

– make sure that the prints you are trying to mix are of different sizes. One should be larger and dominant to the other, thus staying away from two strong pieces that would over-power each other.

And that is it, I told you it was easy.


What I Wore:

Top: Bershka (old) | Skirt: ZARA TRF (in-stores now) | Shoes: ZARA | BAG: Carolina Herrera | Denim Jacket: cannot remember (very old, almost vintage 😛 ) | Sunglasses: ALDO Accessories | Ring: Zougheib | Bracelets: Forever21

Location: Horsh Tabet




Dressing Up a Sweatshirt


When it comes to trends, I rarely follow any of them, because I have finally got to discover my inner style and I prefer following me and what I want than what is said is InStyle. Although some trends do work for many people, I tend to pick the ones that either speak to me or challenge me in some way.

That was the case with this Grey Zara Sweatshirt, I have seen something similar to it on the runways and on the bloggers, but I was 100% sure it would never work for me. The shape of this jumper reminded me of the 90s, the years that I pretty much detest in fashion ( my own opinion, sorry no offense to anyone) and I tried staying away in the stores. But something changed, when I challenged myself to make it work for my style. And it worked. I have been wearing it non-stop, and it pretty much goes with everything in my wardrobe.

So, the Moral of the story; NEVER SAY NEVER and everything looks better paired with Leopard Heels and a Floppy Hat  😀

What I Wore:

Jumper: Zara | Jeans: Pull&Bear | Heels: Bershka | Hat: H&M |Bracelet: Promod | Watch: Michael Kors

photos by Hsein Kazma

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Simple Styling :: Denim Shirt 3-Ways

G60A4098One of the best styling advices that is worth sharing with everyone is “having pieces in your wardrobe that are multi-functional and versatile”. It’s not about the number of pieces you have in your closet, it’s about how each piece can be styled into numerous outfits. The more the outfits you can create with one piece, the more it is valuable in your closet.

One of my most valuable pieces in my closet is my denim shirt, and boy I have many of those. I consider them an investment since they truly are such a help in creating different looks for numerous occasions, without any deep thoughts.

So, in this post I want to show my favorite 3 looks, that I mostly go for when I am in a “Not An Inspirational Mood” ::


LOOK 1 :: Who said that a denim shirt is too casual for Formal attires? I like pairing it with a well-fitted black midi skirt and a pair of nude heels for a classic look that is appropriate for dinners and parties. To complete the look you only need to add your favorite statement necklace and a dab of color on your lips.

Shirt: ZARA TRF | Skirt: KIRA PLASTININA | Heels: ZARA | Necklace: Primadonna

LOOK 2 :: Nothing says more modern than a monochromatic look. The Denim-on-Denim trend is very chic and casual at the same time. It gives an effortless vibe, and is perfect for those casual days, where you want to feel a little more dressed up than usual. A simple collar necklace and a pair of sandals in the same blue color is the perfect addition.

Shirt: ZARA | Jeans: Pull&Bear | Heels: H&M | Necklace: H&M
G60A4151 G60A4184LOOK 3 :: A total WEEKEND look, where all you want to do is enjoy the day out with your friends while exploring the city. And what better, than to wear a printed dress with the denim shirt used as a light jacket? To finish the look, a pair of comfy flats and that’s it.

Dress: H&M(old) | Shirt: ZARA TRF | Flats: Centro | Ring: I AM

How would you style your Denim Shirt?? and which LOOK is your favorite?

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